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Interview with Director Shin Won Ho


After causing such a huge sensation with the Answer Me series two years in a row, I personally couldn’t wait to take a peek inside the mind of the man behind the success, Director Shin Won Ho. My prayer was answered when I checked online and found this interview with him conducted by 10asia. It is his most …

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Previews for Episode 16 of “Answer Me 1997″ (Updated)

am1997-ep16 preview

The title for the final episode of Answer Me 1997 has many people worried. But I say there’s no reason for concern.

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Chitchat with Blue & Bella about AM1997, Go Show, and dating rumors


This is what results during Bella and Blue’s late-night email exchange…

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Deli Spice: “Confession”


In all my years of drama watching and fangirling, there haven’t been many dramas where I can say that the song perfectly mirrors the sentiments or convey the true feelings of the characters. For most OSTs, it’s just great background music that I will hunt down for my own listening pleasure. However, I think with …

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Previews for Episode 15 of “Answer Me 1997″

Ep15 preview

The title for Episode 15 of Answer Me 1997 is “While You’re In Love.”  All I ask of the show is that they keep the fight between the Yoon brothers to a minimum, and get straight to the point of what happens between lovers when they’re IN LOVE! Give it up, Taewoong! She’s just not …

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Korean language and culture series: Gone whalin’


In Episode 2 of Answer Me 1997, Yoonje (played by SEO IN GUK) undergoes circumcision during his spring break. And so, yes, for the latest edition of the Korean language and culture series, I will go there… umm, down there.

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