1. Diane Hope

    Hi Blue & Bella
    Do you know someone like this?…

    I’m looking for a Seoul-based researcher to help with a US-Korean collaborative podcast project about K-dramas. The person has to be a fluent Korean/English speaker, with good contacts in the Korean tv drama production industry. Initially I’ll need help to set up & record interviews for a 15-20 minute demo/pilot show, that I will use to get regular funding for the series. This will be for an English speaking audience, to go out on a web site that reaches English speaking K-drama fans globally. In the beginning the work will be occasional & be paid at a daily/hourly rate – but will turn into a part-time job, if the project is successful in getting regular funding.

    I am a freelance audio producer based in the western US & have previously made radio programs & podcasts for a variety of clients including BBC. I’m a keen K-drama fan & am currently learning some Korean.

    Thanks so much for any suggestions you have.

    Diane Hope PhD, Audio Producer
    Twitter @dihope7

    1. blue

      I’m sorry, Diana, but I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for you. It sounds like a fascinating project. Best of luck!

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