A tribute to Jejoongwon

Oh, where to begin?

Once or twice a year, a magical drama comes along that reaffirms why I became a k-drama addict in the first place.  As I navigate through a myriad array of mediocre dramas every year and wonder, “what’s the point”, I remind myself to remain patient and the next “it” drama  to steal my heart will surely come along again. They always have and they always will, although the intervals between the dramas may vary. I just never expected Jejoongwon to turn out to be one of these dramas.

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Fanvid of the week #6: Jejoongwon

Thanks to Thundie’s recommendation, I finally ended up checking out the criminally underrated medical sageuk drama, Jejoongwon (SBS, 2010). I had faith in her taste, but never did I foresee the extent to which I would come to fall in love with this drama or how Hwang Jung (portrayed brilliantly by Park Yong Woo) would creep into my heart and steal it. There aren’t many fan-made videos available for Jejoongwon, but I thought these two in particular showcased the undeniable chemistry between Park Yong Woo and Han Hye Jin, and offered a glimpse of the heartachingly beautiful love story between their respective characters, Hwang Jung and Yu Suk Ran.

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Who wears it better – Kim Sung Oh vs. the two Lee’s?

In episode 15 of Sign, Kim Sung Oh (a.k.a. Secretary Kim from Secret Garden) makes a cameo appearance as a psychopathic serial killer. From being the evil villain who makes Won Bin’s life miserable in the movie Ahjussi (The Man from Nowhere) to a loan shark who kidnaps Park Jin Hee’s character in the 2010 drama Giant, this man sure can’t seem to catch a break! But what really caught my eyes was the colorful knit hat he wore on the show. I thought it looked very familiar, and after some researching around….

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Stars’ Airport Style #2

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Guest blogger review: Secret Garden

Although there have been many other reviews on Secret Garden, I thought, “What the hell, why not jump into the mix?”  I say it’s a good way to start off 2011 with one riveting drama that was so bloody addicting and enchanting that  all semblance of a social life (without the daily essentials and necessities of life) went down the tubes for those 10 weeks…

As most of our readers know, I have been sort of very much MIA for quite some time. After much thought, researching for some good ol’ gossip (which I am happy to say I have not been quite so delusional on)- an affirmation that my gossip 6th sense is still intact, searching for endless hours for spoilers, and finally meeting some great friends and reuniting with some of the old timers on SG’s thread- I think I can finally add this drama to my All Time Favorite Dramas List. Also, this drama gave me hope and a reminder (more like a swift kick to the shins) to work towards  pursuing our other goal (Bluesy knows this all too well and we really should get crackin’….).

First things first, I am so bloody overdue for posting and after bouts of illness/ crazy work traveling, deadlines, more piles of work, and yada yada yada) a huge round of applause (and gratitude) to our guest blogger, Joonni for writing the  review  because I don’t think I could have done it without being a blabbering incoherent mess. One because she brought up some very interesting ways to look at the drama from a different perspective, two because she wrote it so eloquently well, and three- despite some of my disagreements with her thoughts she never failed to bring a fresh interpretation to scenes and analyses. And if you could do all three, I am utterly sold!

So everyone, let us give a warm (huge bear-hug) welcome to Joonni ( who I would hope will write many more for us?!??!) ! – Bella

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Fanvid of the week #5: Chun Jung Myung

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, I was recently distracted away from my current tv programs by the 2006 drama What’s Up Fox. Such a cute drama! (I think this deserves a squeal… SQUEEEEE!) Never before have I looked back at my life to wonder whether there might be a man 8-9 years my junior who may be harboring a secret crush on me. That is… until now.

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