Preview for Episode 15 of “Answer Me 1994″


And… here comes another confrontation scene. What will they talk about this time?


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A Closer Look At the World of “Answer Me 1994″: Episodes 1-3


As my mom was watching Answer Me 1994, she made an interesting comment. “I don’t feel like I’m watching a drama, but watching in on the lives of real people living somewhere in Sinchon.” True to her words, whereas many dramas these days attempt to build a fictional world for its characters, Answer Me 1994 has transplanted its characters in the real world of mid-90s Korea. And due to the producers’ painstaking attention to detail, they have successfully recreated this world with incredible accuracy. So that we may truly appreciate their hard work and not let it go to waste, please join me in this time travel journey as we take a closer look at the world of Answer Me 1994!

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Preview for Episode 14 of “Answer Me 1994″


I’m really thrilled to see a major development in (what I perceive to be) the main love line. I’m a little ashamed to say how many times I re-watched that magical moment in Episode 13. (You know what I’m talking about!) And yet, I can’t be completely happy when I think about how heartbroken my puppy must be. I’m begging Writer Lee and Director Shin that they spare my puppy, Chilbong, from any further heartbreak than necessary. Or as Trash often says, “I’ll kill you!”


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Preview for Episode 13 of “Answer Me 1994″


CONFIRMED. On the 29th, CJ E&M announced that Answer Me 1994 will be extended by one episode because the intended story cannot be accommodated by just 20 episodes. I call bull$hit on that, but what can you do? Money talks. I seriously hope that the integrity of this story won’t be compromised by that one extra episode, but for now, let’s just concern ourselves with the upcoming episode!


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Preview for Episode 12 of “Answer Me 1994″ (Updated with text preview)


This feel!!!! And we have to wait another week for this because of that *#&%^@^%(! MAMA?!!! Errrrgggg.


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Beautiful Lyrics series: Bank’s “You, I Cannot Have”


Included in Bank’s debut album from 1995, the rock ballad song “You, I Cannot Have” (“가질 수 없는 너”) enjoyed great popularity upon its release, and since then has been covered by various artists. The lyrics expressing the pain of unrequited love was one that many people identified with over the years. And now once again, this song was chosen to be included in the official soundtrack of Answer Me 1994.

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