Park Shin Hye resumes filming, script revised

This past weekend, Park Shin Hye has resumed filming for You’ve Fallen for Me. Since her car accident on the 19th, she made a brief return to the filming set the very next day, only to be re-hospitalized after suffering from the aftereffects from the accident. Three days later, she has returned once again.

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Help us come up with a new name!

Electric Ground has made a home here for about eight months, but lately, we’ve been entertaining the idea of giving it its own domain name instead of the it’s been using. That was a name Blue came up with late at night without really having given much thought to it… at all.

Unfortunately, is already taken and not available. And so, we need your help! Can you please help us come up with a new domain name for this site?

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Celebrity Sightings: Blue’s edition

When you search “Jang Dong Gun” on Korean search engines like Naver or Daum, “Jang Dong Gun in person” (장동건 실물) often comes out as a related search. I admit I’m not a fan of Jang Dong Gun, but so many people often cite him to be the best looking Korean actor and lament that he’s one of the least photogenic actors in Korea because he looks so much better in person. So now I have a new mission in life to meet and see Jang Dong Gun to determine once and for all what all the fuss is about. And my time is running out, as I hope to see him while he has not aged completely and still maintaining his “youth.”

But this got me thinking about starting a new blog series titled “Celebrity Sightings,” where we share with one another our impressions of celebrities we did meet in person.

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 7

Cute, cute, cute! This episode was the turning point in the drama where the focus shifted from that between the “youths” and the “adults,” to that between the youths themselves. There still lies much angst ahead, as Kyu-won and Shin have to come to face the reality of what happened between their parents. But until then, I’m enjoying the story of the blossoming friendship (and love?) between the two.

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Song of the Day: “I Guess You Don’t Know”

One of the most frequently asked questions on the blog’s You’ve Fallen for Me recaps has been for more information on this song. Well, Part 4 of the drama’s OST has finally been released on July 20th, and it includes the song you’ve all been wondering about! The name of the song is “모르나봐” (I Guess You Don’t Know) and is sung by M Signal, the newest project group from FNC Music label.

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Korean language and culture series: Loanwords

Many years ago, I first introduced Korean dramas to my Taiwanese-American friend, “C.” Of course, not knowing any Korean, she had to rely on English subtitles to watch and understand the shows. After completing two or three drama series, she told me one day that she recognized some Korean words to sound very similar to corresponding Chinese words that shared the same meaning. (Note: “C” speaks Mandarin.)

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