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  1. Tai Takada

    Thank you very much. I don’t know why but Korean is one of those languages that I have a very hard time seeing any difference between male and female names. It is probably just my own ignorance. Though most other languages like Hebrew, I don’t have the problem with. Is there any best way for a non Korean to see these first names and whether it is a boy or girl, a man or a woman who is being spoken about or listed.

    1. blue

      We’ll make sure to answer your question in the upcoming Korean names post (part 4)!

  2. all4movies

    I get the use of ”hyung’ and ‘shi’, but what does ‘gun’ at the end of a man’s name mean. Is it a nickname or term of endearment of some sort?

    1. kasidhe

      gun is a form of address in Korean. Gun is the male form and Nyang is the female form. I think this is an old form because I have never been address in this form. Or is it because I do not have a high enough social status to be address with this form?

  1. On Electric Ground | My Korean Corner

    [...] sets it apart from tons of other K-drama/movie blog is their K-language and culture series wherein they discuss Korean language and culture through dramas – the best thing for a [...]

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