Drama List

 Bella’s Drama List

Like Blue below, this list comprises of dramas that I’ve watched to 90% completion of the series. Yes, I know it’s quite a surprise considering I can finish an entire series in about a day (with some skimming involved) or just drop it mid-stream. This will also be updated regularly.

  1. 9 End 2 Outs (2007)
  2. 49 Days (2011)
  3. Age of Innocence (2002)
  4. All About Eve (2000)
  5. All In (2003)
  6. Alone in Love (2006)
  7. Autumn Tale (2000)
  8. Bad Friends (2000)
  9. Bad Girls (2002)
  10. The Barefooted Youth (1998)
  11. Beautiful Days (2001)
  12. Best Love (2011)
  13. Bimil/Secret (2000)
  14. Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (2005)
  15. Boys Over Flowers (2009)
  16. Bright Girl’s Success Story (2002)
  17. Conspiracy in the Court (2008)
  18. Country Princess (2003)
  19. Dae Jang Geum (2003-2004)
  20. Dal Ja’s Spring (2007)
  21. Damo (2003)
  22. Delicious Proposal (2001)
  23. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (2005)
  24. Empress Myung Sung (2004)
  25. Eyes of Dawn (1991-1992)
  26. Fashion 70s (2005)
  27. Feelings (1994)
  28. Fireworks (2000)
  29. First Love (1996-1997)
  30. Foolish Love (2000)
  31. Four Sisters (2001)
  32. Full House (2004)
  33. Glass Slippers (2002)
  34. Good Person (2003)
  35. Goodbye Solo (2006)
  36. Goodbye My Love (1999)
  37. Goong (2006)
  38. Great Inheritance (2006)
  39. Guardian Angel (2001)
  40. Happy Together (1999)
  41. Heo Joon (1999-2000)
  42. Her House (2001)
  43. Hotelier (2001)
  44. How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (2007)
  45. Hwang Jin Yi (2006)
  46. I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004)
  47. Iljimae (2008)
  48. Into the Sun (2003)
  49. Invitation (1999)
  50. I Need Romance (2011)
  51. Jealousy (1992)
  52. Jejoongwon (2010)
  53. Joseon X-Files (2010)
  54. La Dolce Vita (2008)
  55. Land of Wine (2003)
  56. Love Letter (2003)
  57. A Love to Kill (2005)
  58. Lovers In Paris (2004)
  59. Loves In Prague (2005)
  60. Lovers (2006)
  61. Love is in Your Bosom (1994)
  62. Loving You (2002)
  63. M (1994)
  64. Medical Brothers (1997)
  65. Model (1997)
  66. More Beautiful than a Flower (2004)
  67. The Most Beautiful Farewell in the World (1996)
  68. Mr. Duke (2000)
  69. My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law (2004)
  70. My Girl (2005-2006)
  71. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)
  72. My Love Patzzi (2002)
  73. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
  74. Myung Wol, the Spy (2011)
  75. New Human Market (2004)
  76. Oh! Pil Seung and Bong Soon Young (2004)
  77. On Air (2008)
  78. On the Green Prairie (2003)
  79. One Fine Day (2006)
  80. Only You (2005)
  81. Pado (1999)
  82. Pasta (2010)
  83. Phoenix (2004)
  84. Piano (2001-2002)
  85. Powerful Opponents (2008)
  86. Promise (1992)
  87. Prosecutor Princess (2010)
  88. Que Sera Sera (2007)
  89. Rival (2002)
  90. Romance (2002)
  91. Romance Town (2011)
  92. Ruler of Your Own World (2002)
  93. Sandglass (1995)
  94. Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School (2003)
  95. School 3 (2000-2001)
  96. Screen (2003)
  97. Secret Garden (2010-2011)
  98. Shoot for the Stars (2002-2003)
  99. Since We Met (2002)
  100. Smile, You (2009-2010)
  101. Snowman (2003)
  102. Snowflakes (2001)
  103. Someday (2006)
  104. Solitude (2008)
  105. Sookhee (1995)
  106. Splendid Days (2002)
  107. Soulmate (2006)
  108. Stairway to Heaven (2003-2004)
  109. Star In My Heart (1997)
  110. Stock Flower (2001)
  111. Story of a Man (2009)
  112. Summer Scent (2003)
  113. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
  114. Sweet 18 (2004)
  115. Thousand Years of Love (2003)
  116. Tomato (1999)
  117. Trap of Youth (1999)
  118. Trio (2002)
  119. Truth (2000)
  120. Twinkle Twinkle (2011)
  121. We’re Dating Now (2002)
  122. What Happened in Bali (2004)
  123. What’s Up, Fox (2006)
  124. White Tower (2007)
  125. Winter Sonata (2002)
  126. You’re Beautiful (2009)
  127. You’ve Fallen for Me (a.k.a. Heartstrings) (2011)

 Blue’s drama list

Here is a list of Korean dramas that I’ve watched to completion (meaning at least 90% of the entire series). There are many more dramas that I started and never finished. There are many other dramas that I’ve finished, but skipped enough episodes along the way that I no longer feel comfortable including them on this list. And I suspect there are many more dramas that I finished and would meet the criteria of “completion” as earlier defined, but were omitted simply because I couldn’t recall them. Alas, this list will be updated regularly.

The fact that I completed watching these dramas and not others do not speak of the quality of any of these dramas.  In fact, I loved some of the shows that I never finished, but due to my other commitments (school, work, etc) at that time, I was just not able to fit them into my schedule. Vice versa, of the ones that I finished watching, there are some that I hated with all my heart and soul, but finished purely due to my stubbornness.

It would be an impossible challenge for me to rate all these dramas, but I hope to narrow them down to a top 10 list one day. But for now, a mere list will have to do.

  1. 49 Days (2011)
  2. Age of Innocence (2002)
  3. All About Eve (2000)
  4. All In (2003)
  5. Answer Me, 1997 (2012)
  6. Apt  (1995-1996)
  7. Autumn Tale (2000)
  8. Baby-Faced Beauty (2011)
  9. Bad Family (2006)
  10. Bad Friends (2000)
  11. Baker King, Kim Tak Gu (2010)
  12. The Barefooted Youth (1998)
  13. Bathhouse Men (1995-1996)
  14. Beautiful Days (2001)
  15. Best Love (2011)
  16. Bimil/Secret (2000)
  17. The Birth of the Rich (2010)
  18. Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (2005)
  19. Bodyguard (2003)
  20. Boys Over Flowers (2009)
  21. Bright Girl’s Success Story (2002)
  22. Can We Get Married? (2012)
  23. Cinderella (1997)
  24. City Hall (2009)
  25. City Hunter (2011)
  26. Coffee Prince (2007)
  27. Crime Squad (2011)
  28. Dae Jang Geum (2003-2004)
  29. Damo (2003)
  30. Delicious Proposal (2001)
  31. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (2005)
  32. Do You Know the Milky Way? (1991-1992)
  33. Doctor Champ (2010)
  34. Dong Yi (2010)
  35. Dongui Bogam (1991)
  36. Dream High (2011)
  37. Elegy (1995-1996)
  38. Even When the Wind Blows (1995-1996)
  39. Eyes of Dawn (1991-1992)
  40. Family Honor (2008-2009)
  41. Fantasy Couple (2006)
  42. Farewell/Jak Byul (1994)
  43. Farewell/Yi Byul (2003)
  44. Fashion 70s (2005)
  45. Feelings (1994)
  46. Fireworks (2000)
  47. First Love (1996-1997)
  48. Foolish Love (2000)
  49. Fox and the Cotton Candy (2002)
  50. Freedom Fighter Lee Hoe Young (2010)
  51. Full House (2004)
  52. Ga Shi Go Gi/Daddy Fish (2000)
  53. General Hospital (1994-1995)
  54. Ghost (1999)
  55. Giant (2010)
  56. Glass Slippers (2002)
  57. Golden Bride (2007-2008)
  58. Good Person (2003)
  59. Goodbye Solo (2006)
  60. Goong (2006)
  61. Great Inheritance (2006)
  62. Guardian Angel (2001)
  63. Happy Together (1999)
  64. Heo Joon (1999-2000)
  65. Her House (2001)
  66. High Kick Through the Roof (2009-2010)
  67. Hotel (1995)
  68. Hotelier (2001)
  69. How About Your Husband? (1993)
  70. I Hear Your Voice (2013)
  71. I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004)
  72. I am Happy (2008)
  73. If In Love, Like Them (2007)
  74. Iljimae (2008)
  75. Into the Storm (1997)
  76. Into the Sun (2003)
  77. Invitation (1999)
  78. Jealousy (1992)
  79. Jejoongwon (2010)
  80. Jjak/Pairing (1994-1998)
  81. Joseon X-Files (2010)
  82. Juliet’s Man (2000)
  83. Kyoto 25th Hour (1991-1992)
  84. Last War (1999)
  85. The Legend of Ambition (1998)
  86. The Legend of Car God (a.k.a. Asphalt Man) (1995)
  87. Legend of Hyang Dan (2007)
  88. Lie (1998)
  89. Like the River that Flows (2003)
  90. Living is (1993)
  91. Love (1998)
  92. Love in Your Bosom (1994)
  93. Love is Blue (1994)
  94. Love Letter (2003)
  95. Love Story in Harvard (2004-2005)
  96. A Love to Kill (2005)
  97. Love You, Love You (1998)
  98. Lover (1996)
  99. Lovers In Paris (2004)
  100. Loving You (2002)
  101. M (1994)
  102. Marriage (1993-1994)
  103. Medical Brothers (1997)
  104. Model (1997)
  105. Mom and Sister (2000-2001)
  106. Mom’s Dead Upset (2008)
  107. Monstar (2013)
  108. The Moon of Seoul (1994)
  109. More Beautiful than a Flower (2004)
  110. The Most Beautiful Farewell in the World (1996)
  111. Mr. Duke (2000)
  112. My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law (2004)
  113. My Girl (2005-2006)
  114. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)
  115. My Love Patzzi (2002)
  116. My Mother’s Sea (1993)
  117. My Princess (2011)
  118. New Heart (2007-2008)
  119. New Human Market (2004)
  120. Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (2010)
  121. Ode to Han River (2004-2005)
  122. Old Miss Diary (2004-2005)
  123. On Air (2008)
  124. On the Green Prairie (2003)
  125. Ondal Princes (2000-2001)
  126. One Fine Day (2006)
  127. Only You (2005)
  128. Pado (1999)
  129. Pasta (2010)
  130. Perfect Love (2003)
  131. Phoenix (2004)
  132. Piano (2001-2002)
  133. Pilot (1993)
  134. Police (1994)
  135. Powerful Opponents (2008)
  136. The Princess’s Man (2011)
  137. A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House (2003-2004)
  138. Promise (1992)
  139. Prosecutor Princess (2010)
  140. Pure Heart (2001)
  141. Que Sera Sera (2007)
  142. Queen Seon Deok (2009)
  143. Rival (2002)
  144. Romance (2002)
  145. Romance Town (2011)
  146. Rose and the Bean Sprouts (1999)
  147. Rosemary (2003)
  148. Rustic Period (2002-2003)
  149. Sandglass (1995)
  150. School 1 (1999)
  151. School 3 (2000-2001)
  152. School 2013 (2013)
  153. Screen (2003)
  154. Season of the Storm (1993)
  155. Secret Garden (2010-2011)
  156. See and See Again (1998-1999)
  157. Seoul Ddook Bae Gi (1990-1991)
  158. Seven Spoons (1996)
  159. Sharp 1 (2003-2005)
  160. Sharp 2 (2005-2006)
  161. Shinhwa (a.k.a. Legend) (2001)
  162. Shoot for the Stars (2002-2003)
  163. Shut Up Flower Boy Band (2012)
  164. Sign (2011)
  165. Since We Met (2002)
  166. Smile, You (2009-2010)
  167. Snowman (2003)
  168. Some Like it Hot (2000)
  169. The Son and the Daughter (1992-1993)
  170. Son of the Wind (1995)
  171. Sookhee (1995)
  172. Soulmate (2006)
  173. Splendid Days (2001-2002)
  174. Spotlight (2008)
  175. Stairway to Heaven (2003-2004)
  176. Star (1996)
  177. Star In My Heart (1997)
  178. Stock Flower (2001)
  179. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
  180. Sunny Place of Youth  (1995)
  181. Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (2007)
  182. SWAT Police (2000)
  183. Sweet 18 (2004)
  184. Thank You (2007)
  185. The Thief’s Daughter (2000)
  186. Three-Day Promise (1992)
  187. Tomato (1999)
  188. Trap of Youth (1999)
  189. Trio (2002)
  190. Truth (2000)
  191. Twinkle Twinkle (2011)
  192. Two Weeks (2013)
  193. Typhoon in that Summer (2005)
  194. Walking All the Way to Heaven (1993)
  195. War of Money (2007)
  196. We’re Dating Now (2002)
  197. Wedding Dress (1997-1998)
  198. What Happened in Bali (2004)
  199. What is Love (1991-1992)
  200. What’s Up, Fox (2006)
  201. Which Star Are You From (2006)
  202. Who Are You/당신은 누구시길래 (1999-2000)
  203. Who is My Love? (2002)
  204. The Woman Who Wants to Marry (2004)
  205. You and I (1997-1998)
  206. You’re Beautiful (2009)
  207. You’ve Fallen for Me (a.k.a. Heartstrings) (2011)
  208. Youth (1999)


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  1. thundie

    Good grief, that’s a lot of dramas!! Please review as many of them as possible, that’s an order! :lol:

  2. bitter_lemon

    my goodness, blue
    that’s a long list!
    but thanks..it will serve as a list of reference for me (SKKS rekindles my love for Kdrama but i’ve been out of it for so long)

  3. kcomments

    No ‘Coffee House’, you ignored my KJH. *sob sob*
    I survive shipper war and my ship did not sink. ^^


    holy cow!
    where did you find the time and energy to watch all those? I never even heard of most of them. I think i saw like ten on that list
    wow that is impressive. Unlike you, I can’t finish what I dont like so I guess that is why my list is so short.
    what is on your current list? SG? MSOAN?
    between the two, I think you might like SG more.
    So happy you have a “ask blue” page – so going to take advantage of that

  5. missjb

    you should watch comrades…..

  6. lei2010

    hey blue from the looks of the drama that u watched makes me think that ur an ahjumma already, (wink) hey! im jst kidding, don’t be mad, jst that most of ur dramas is quite old, i wonder where did u watch those 1992 drama, is there a particular site where u can watch it with eng subtitle… thanks

    1. blue

      *Gasp!* Hehe, no offense taken. I’m actually not that old (at least I keep telling myself), but I started watching dramas pretty young, practically as soon as I graduated from watching cartoons.

      As for the older pre-2000 dramas, I watched most of them as they were first airing. Many of them are now very hard to find, and even if you do, very unlikely to be subbed. I did notice that Sandglass (a 1995 drama) is now available on Dramafever, and the softsubs for Feelings (a 1994 drama) is available on WITHS2. Although they may seem outdated compared to the flashier dramas of nowadays, I’d highly recommend them both. There’s a reason why people bothered going back and subbing such old dramas – they’re classics!

      1. lei2010

        i’ll take ur word for that… seems that they were all true.. there’s a lot of fastastic comments, im reading lately… btw is Stained glass and Sandglass different?

        omo! so many dramas to watch, right now im intrigued with 49days, The Duo and DYHMH… also do u know a site where i can download videos of Conspiracy in the court? i only have the eng translation by WITHS2 , from the moment i saw the preview… i began to like it.. i also like to watch White Tower but the eng sub is bad in dramacrazy, i still need to look for a good translation from it, unfortunately there’s none in WITHS2… thanks blue…

        psst.. what is that tree in ur bckground?

      2. blue

        Stained glass and Sandglass are two very different shows. Stained glass is a more recent (boring) drama starring Kim Haneul and Lee Dong Gun, and one that I’d advise you to avoid.

        You can find and dl the entire CitC series at Thundie’s blog: http://thundiesprattle.com/2010/03/08/conspiracy-in-the-court-download-links/

        As for the photo in the background, it’s just that of a tree-lined road with cherry blossom trees. I had set it as the background b/c it matches the photo used in the header! =)

  7. lei2010

    thanks blue but i need to have a membership for it… oh well.. i’ll just wait for the video to some site the one which is free…

    1. blue

      Try AM-addiction here: http://www.am-addiction.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1126

      You need to sign up for the forum, but there’s no cost and you can access many dramas/shows there for free as long as you write on the thread a one-liner to just say thanks.

      1. lei2010

        many thanks, hope the subs is good there…

      2. blue

        The subs are the same as from WITHS2. You can choose to dl the subs from either sites (WITHS2 or AM), and just dl the raw files from AM-addiction. The WITHS2 subs for CitC are excellent, so no worries!

  8. lei2010

    i hope that in future u can rate those drama from 1(highest) -10(lowest)
    btw thanks for introducing me the site in AM, it was fastastic so is CitC..

  9. doragon

    what a monster list!!
    are you korean btw? because you watched so many older dramas and yet less 2000s drama.
    i just completed my 99th drama, but only 41 drama from your list.

    1. blue

      Hi! Welcome to our blog! Yup, both Bella and I are Korean.

      As for having watched many more older dramas than recent ones, it’s due to two reasons. First, in the past, I was more likely to complete a drama once I’ve started it, but in more recent years, I often drop or fastforward through dramas. Unless I watched a drama from start to finish, I didn’t include it on the list. Also, my life was pretty hectic and didn’t allow me to watch much TV between 2006-2009. So I missed out on many dramas that came out during those years. I’m only now going back to catch up on the ones that I’ve missed.

      1. doragon

        that’s how life is going around. we will become busier as we become older.
        i’m glad to know you & Bella are korean because here i can read the thoughts & reviews from a Korean itself, not from other people who watch korean drama.

  10. olive

    blue! you probably started watching kdrama a year or two earlier than me :P love that you have seen and remember Feelings, Tomato, Wish upon a star, medical brothers, hoteliers, you and I, and glass slippers :D i can’t remember how much i loved Choi Jin Sil’s drama and never understood why Kim Hee Sun was so popular :P sometimes I really want to rewatch those series, which bring back a lot of memories! the stories were so simple but somehow, I still liked them a bit more than nowaday dramas heheh…. just that as you say, hard to find subs or torrents :)

  11. Nayong

    Hi, just discovered your blog today and been busy reading almost all both of you wrote; I got in to K Drama in 2007 just because a friend of mine visited my house and just had to watch Goong before we going for dinner! Watched it halfway through and a colleague recomended Kim Sam Soon and the rest is history!
    I now own more than 200 DVDS including Sandglass, lol
    Being Asian but not Korean ( hahaha) it was harder getting hold of DVDs with good subs that are affordable, which is why I am so greatful to find blogs that have recaps, helps me understand the dramas.

    Sometimes, I am like you in the sense if the drama doesn’t ctach me I do give up and have done this for quite a few.
    Noticed on your list of dramas, you have not listed Time Between Dog & Wolf, I just loved it and felt it was the best from Jun Ki !

    Agree with Doragon on reading reviews from Koreans, easier to understand Korean culture, I guess;
    Keep doing what you do, we love it and appreciate the time you must have spent doing it:)

  12. bonita

    where did you find the woman who wants to marry? Is it english subtitled?

    1. blue

      I watched it while it was airing at that time. I rented the videos from the Korean video store, and so it wasn’t subtitled. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this series online anywhere ever since, subtitled or not.

      The sequel to this drama is The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, and it is available in various sites, including dramafever and hulu. I haven’t watched it myself, but I heard it was quite good!

    2. vic

      2 weeks ago i found links on megaupload for the drama “the woman who wants to marry”, but i don’t remember where, sorry. I didn’t even know it’s so difficult to find

  13. Mel

    I just found your site through Dramabean’s linkys and really enjoyed your recap of the Healing show. Being a non-Korean, that loves all kinds of Korean entertainment be it dramas, variety shows, talk shows, music shows, movies, actual concerts, I wish to one day be fluent in Hangul and the Korean culture… So I am quite elated that you have recapped the Healing Show and it doesn’t hurt that Han Hye Jin as well as Kim Jae Dong are on this show… Hands down it was Han Hye Jin, who I really enjoyed in the Thorn Birds, that made me curious about this show and then the great solo guests.. I’ve enjoyed Kim Jae Dong since his stint on Star Golden Bell. Thanks so much, I hope that you will recap more of this show. And thanks for having this site, I will now be a regular, thanks so much.


    1. blue

      Hi Mel!
      Thanks for the support and encouragement!

      I’ve liked Han Hye Jin since Jejoongwon, and though she is still an inexperienced host, she’s really starting to find her place in the show and it is definitely a much better show because of her.

  14. Hottie

    Hi Blue,

    I don’t know how I stumbled across your blog today as I was googling for information on my latest obsession ” The Princess’ Man “. One thing led to another and bingo ! I landed here and enjoyed what I am reading.

    I am blown away by the number of dramas you have watched. How can any homo sapien not develop Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT) sitting down at long stretches to finish even a mini series of 16 episodes ? You must be born with strong legs and sturdy blood vessels to match.

    I am non Korean, and I don’t understand a word the actors were spewing since I started watching K dramas 11 years ago. But I am so besotted with SKKS , I have watched it 20 times ( yes, it ‘s no typo ) and can quote the dialogue in Korean from back to front. Without missing a beat. And yes, without understanding a word either.

    Like what some of the commentators here say, it’s good to be able to hear from native Korean speaking drama addicts like you and Bella, who have better insights into Korean culture and can recap with better understanding.

    What I am grateful for is for blogs like yours and Thundie’s where non Korean , English speaking K drama addicts like me can access and seek help on things related to K dramas or the language. That’s where I fully share your and Thundie’s concern about bad sub titles.

    FYI, I have been buying DVDs from authorised DVD shops in my country in the far East .And what frustrates me is that almost EVERY DVD I bought have some episodes where the English subs are downright crap. It is impossible to understand the dialogue in Korean. So when that happens, I have to switch to Chinese subs. But I am more comfortable with Eng subs.

    So yes, down with poor subbing.

    And thank you for your blog.

    1. blue

      Keke, watching one miniseries over one weekend is a breeze. But I also watched all these drama series over a time span of more than two decades. There are some who watched as much as I did over a time span of just 1-2 years! Woah! :-o


    Oh my goodness..that’s a whole lot of dramas…i’m only averaging 12-15 a year i think since i started watching in 2008.

    i wish i have that kind of stamina. much respect towards you.

  16. AnaPinay

    Hello Ms. Blue:

    I am so happy to have found your site through Ms Koala. I am not korean but from south east asia (Phils.) as much as I love kdrama its hard coz i don’t speak hangul. me and my family been watching Kdrama since 2000 and even when i came to LA I would still find time to watch korean dramas coz they always showcase real life events that you could nor possibly imagine and they are really good and well written I mean the script most of the time are full of poetry specially if u watched those that are historical in nature or saguek wether its fiction or non fiction appreciate all those that the director and the writer are trying to convey to its viewers its cultural values and traditions are some of the things I usually really take note of…

    one thing for sure I would never get tired watching korean drama no matter if it is historical, musical drama, romance comedy or just pure drama..love love love all of it.

    thank you for providing us more insights and perspective view of what’s good to watch…more power and God bless!!!

  17. amarmirch

    that’s a lot of drama. well done

  18. sansukini

    Holy Moly!! That’s A LOT of dramas. I’ve been marathoning dramas myself for almost 7 years now, taiwanese, koreans, and japanese, as long as it sounds interesting but, man, I’m amaze that you can watch this much and still have a normal life. I bow to you both for your time management skills.

  19. AnaPinay

    Hi Bella and Blue,

    I have been your constant visitor of your blog site and I must say its a must bec you both make blogging real fun and easy. everytime I visit your site I always feel happy learning abt new things abt korean culture, drama and many others.

    anyway, I have checked the list of your drama that you have watched so far and just curious to know if you ever watch or heard of the kdrama entitled Cain and Abel??? coz it was really a good drama…fyi only….

  20. AnaPinay


    I have watched 200 dramas over 1-2 years but i have only one life….but you are right the other half of my life I lie down in bed while watching Kdramas full time no breaks or whatever…In my next life I don’t wanna live only watching kdrama maybe its better if I live in korea so i dont need to wait for the subtitles lol….

  21. Lora

    What did you think of Star in my Heart and Tomato? They seem to be well loved romance classics and I really wanted to like them, but I just found them really boring, and the romances in both were lackluster to me. Am I missing something?

    1. blue

      Was not a huge fan of “Star in My Heart,” but it was huge when it aired in Korea. Loved “Tomato” when I first watched it because it was one of the first Kdramas with a “good girl, evil girl” plotline. Due to its popularity, many similar dramas followed in the 90s. That said, if I were to watch this type of story now, I would get extremely frustrated and give up early on. Actually, the 2011 drama “Baby-Faced Beauty” starring Jang Nara reminded me of “Tomato.”

  22. Hottie

    Those who watched 200 dramas over 1 -2 years have to have two lives.

    One life to go to school or make a living. The other life to lie down and watch K dramas full time.

    In my next life ,I want to come back with two lives too.

  1. 30-Day K-Drama Challenge: The compact (and slightly twisted) version – thundie's prattle

    [...] (Kim Gab-soo) list might take mere seconds to compile, but the next three? (Especially if you are blue and have watched close to 200 dramas.) Also, the downside of all that list-compiling torture [...]

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