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Chitchat with Blue & Bella about AM1997, Go Show, and dating rumors


This is what results during Bella and Blue’s late-night email exchange…

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Healing Camp: Episode 11 (Guest: Lee Dong Wook)

ldw's hc-main

Who is the fairest of them all? ^^

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Golden Fishery: Episode 231 (Guest: Lee Seon Kyun, Part 2)

Part 2-main

Continuing from where we left off in Part 1, Lee Seon Kyun (a.k.a. “The Voice”) shares about his three hit dramas and his beautiful wife in Part 2 of his guest appearance on Golden Fishery.

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Golden Fishery: Episode 230 (Guest: Lee Seon Kyun, Part 1)


Golden Fishery is a MBC talk show comprised of two separate segments – “The Knee Drop Guru” and “Radio Star.” “The Knee Drop Guru” in particular is well-known for having very famous folks (mostly A-list celebrities), controversial figures, and other current movers and shakers in their field (entertainment, sports, politics, etc) who rarely appear on …

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Healing Camp: Episode 6 (Guest: Cha Tae Hyun)


I’m a self-proclaimed talk show junkie. As such, I’ve watched a LOT of interviews in my lifetime so far. And one thing about me is that I honestly believe I’m a very good judge of character and I pride myself in being able to perceive how much of their true self is really reflected in …

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Healing Camp: Episode 3 (Guest: Ji Sung)


This man! I’m totally in love with Ji Sung’s performance in Protect the Boss, and his recent guest appearance on the new SBS talk show, Healing Camp, made me enamored with Ji Sung, the man behind the camera.

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