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Song of the Day: “Never Ending Story”

I was challenged to come up with an epic love song that doesn’t have the words “love” or “like” in the lyrics. As I went through my playlist, I was frankly surprised that there were in fact many such songs. After some contemplation, I decided to go with the song “Never Ending Story” by Boohwal …

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Song of the Day: “The Rain and You”

It’s been raining on and off all day where I live. And on days like today, this song comes to mind- “The Rain and You” (비와 당신) by Rumble Fish. The song was featured in the film Radio Star, and there are several versions of the song available, including from No Brain and actor Park Joong …

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Song of the Day: “Morning Dew”

Today is May 18, and marks the 31st anniversary of the Gwangju Democratization Movement. In remembrance of those who fought and lost their lives in pursuit of democracy in Korea and elsewhere around the world, and for those who are still struggling somewhere at this time, I dedicate this song- “Morning Dew” by Kim Min …

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First generation idols

WHAT?! G.o.d. got together and performed “Lie” on this week’s Music Bank?! I’m not going to lie. (Hehe, no pun intended.) This news (and their performance) almost made me cry. Now go and retrieve the missing members- Yoon Kye Sang and Park Joon Hyung!

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Bella’s favorite ballads

Back in the day, Bella used to sing her heart out to K-ballads (in the shower, at work, in the car). And Bella still does and continues her (why do I continue to refer to myself in the 3rd person?) unabashed love affair with the cheese-tastic greatness of Korean ballads and the accompanying MVs. Below …

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Blue’s saddest song collection

I was going through my music collection the other day, and I realized that I had (way too) many “sad” songs. And that was when I thought up a self-challenge to choose the saddest of them all. When most people think of sad kpop music, songs about break ups from names like Brown Eyes, Park …

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