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Beautiful Lyrics series: Bank’s “You, I Cannot Have”


Included in Bank’s debut album from 1995, the rock ballad song “You, I Cannot Have” (“가질 수 없는 너”) enjoyed great popularity upon its release, and since then has been covered by various artists. The lyrics expressing the pain of unrequited love was one that many people identified with over the years. And now once …

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Beautiful Lyrics series: Jang Chul Woong’s “Seoul, This Place”


Before its premiere, I had tried to keep my expectations low lest I be sorely disappointed. Even after watching the pilot episode, I remained skeptical of the “been there, done that” premise. But by the end of episode 2 of Answer Me 1994, it became inevitable. And so, I hereby declare myself once again hooked …

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Beautiful Lyrics series: Choi Hee Jun’s “A Student Boarder”


Answer Me 1994 features a group of college students from different regions of Korea boarding at a house in Seoul owned by the parents of Go Ara’s character. Such student boarders, or “ha-sook-saengs” (하숙생), were once common in Korea. But in recent years, they have become a disappearing trend, as most young adults today instead opt …

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Deli Spice: “Confession”


In all my years of drama watching and fangirling, there haven’t been many dramas where I can say that the song perfectly mirrors the sentiments or convey the true feelings of the characters. For most OSTs, it’s just great background music that I will hunt down for my own listening pleasure. However, I think with …

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Beautiful Lyrics series: Jo Sung Mo’s “To Heaven”


Ahhh, the late 90s and early 2000s! Such a cliche, but so very true- time truly does fly. Everything was on a grand scale back in the day and that goes for the MVs (music videos, more like mini films) that featured the movie stars of today. Can you ever get sick of the lovelorn …

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Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji release duet “All For You”


Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji have hit it out of the ballpark with their first leading role in a TV drama, Answer Me 1997. In a token of appreciation to the fans for their love and support, they will be releasing a two-part mini OST called “Love Story.” And well, Part 1 of their duet, …

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