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My analysis of “Who is Na-jeong’s husband?”


Many people have been asking me for my opinion on who I believed to be Na-jeong’s husband in Answer Me 1994, and particularly, what made me so confident that the husband was this specific candidate and not the other. For the longest time, I was hesitant to share my opinion in fear that it will …

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A Closer Look At the World of “Answer Me 1994″: Episodes 4-8


This is the second part of “A Closer Look at the World of Answer Me 1994“ series. You can find the first part here.

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A Closer Look At the World of “Answer Me 1994″: Episodes 1-3


As my mom was watching Answer Me 1994, she made an interesting comment. “I don’t feel like I’m watching a drama, but watching in on the lives of real people living somewhere in Sinchon.” True to her words, whereas many dramas these days attempt to build a fictional world for its characters, Answer Me 1994 has …

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2011 MBC Drama Awards’ winners – How did Blue do?


The 2011 MBC Drama Awards took place on the night of December 30th. Nothing was truly out of the ordinary (MBC standard, of course). As expected, Cha Seung Won was robbed of his Daesang right under his nose. Yeom Jung Ah was completely snubbed. And in order to address the criticism of having multiple winners, …

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Blue predicts the winners of the 2011 MBC & SBS Drama Awards


The 2010 FIFA World Cup had Paul the Octopus. (May he rest in peace). Well, there’s no need to be jealous because Korean drama fans have Blue… umm, the Human… ready to predict the winners of the upcoming 2011 MBC Drama Awards and 2011 SBS Drama Awards. (For the predicted winners of the KBS Drama Awards, …

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2011 KBS Drama Awards – Nominees and Blue’s predictions

kbs 2011

The official nominees for the 2011 KBS Drama Awards were announced on December 9, much earlier than in previous years. I don’t see any sure-fire winner this year for the Daesang, and I predict it will be a three-way battle between three male stars.

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