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A Closer Look At the World of “Answer Me 1994″: Episodes 4-8


This is the second part of “A Closer Look at the World of Answer Me 1994“ series. You can find the first part here.

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A Closer Look At the World of “Answer Me 1994″: Episodes 1-3


As my mom was watching Answer Me 1994, she made an interesting comment. “I don’t feel like I’m watching a drama, but watching in on the lives of real people living somewhere in Sinchon.” True to her words, whereas many dramas these days attempt to build a fictional world for its characters, Answer Me 1994 has …

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Ranking of TV drama’s chaebol characters

On the March 24th episode of SBS’s TV Entertainment News, the chaebol characters from recent dramas were ranked by their supposed wealth.

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B&B’s gossip guide to K-entertainment

Disclaimer: specific names will not be mentioned unless general and a proven fact The “scale of reliability” is Bella’s personal meter for determining the accuracy of the information provided via various avenues. **scale is also arbitrary in the sense that there is just as much garbage to filter through to find the motherload. This is …

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Artistic Integrity and Dignity vs. Practicality and Survival

Popular tech-savvy novelist Kim Young-ha quits Twitter and blogging after a series of controversial online debates with literary critic Cho Young-il. The debate centered around the systemic problems in Korea’s literary scene and the tragic death of aspiring screenwriter Choi Go-eun, Kim’s former student at Korea National University of Arts (KNUA). Kim on Monday closed his …

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