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Interview with Go Ara


I first saw Go Ara in 2003 when she played the young Lee Ok-rim character in her debut drama, Sharp. I remember being impressed by the young actress’s feistiness, not to mention her pretty looks. But in all her ensuing works, she left me feeling underwhelmed. I had since dismissed her and had not given her …

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Interview with Director Shin Won Ho


After causing such a huge sensation with the Answer Me series two years in a row, I personally couldn’t wait to take a peek inside the mind of the man behind the success, Director Shin Won Ho. My prayer was answered when I checked online and found this interview with him conducted by 10asia. It is his most …

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A Closer Look At the World of “Answer Me 1994″: Episodes 4-8


This is the second part of “A Closer Look at the World of Answer Me 1994“ series. You can find the first part here.

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