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Fanvid of the Week #13: Chaeok’s Man

As a tribute to the upcoming finale of The Princess’s Man this week, I present to you a new drama parody video – Chaeok’s Man. Damo Chaeok is a servant girl to Grand Prince Suyang. In his plot to prevent Kim Jongseo’s son, Kim Seunggyu, from being designated the royal son-in-law, he has Chaeok to disguise …

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Fanvid of the week #12: Hunter Over Flowers

It’s not even the end of the week, but screw it! This is too good to pass up. 적혈야화, the one behind some well-known drama parody videos, including Sungkyunkwan Men and Secret Over Flowers, is back at it again. This time,  it’s Hunter Over Flowers, where Lee Min Ho’s Lee Yoon Sung and Lee Min Ho’s Gu …

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Fanvid of the week #11: Yoon Pil Joo

Do you ever have one of those days when a song or a tune is on constant repeat in your head? Yesterday, I kept humming a tune and all I could remember is just one sentence of the lyrics- “나를 잊지말아요” (Na leul it ji mal ah yo). I became puzzled as to where I heard …

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Fanvid of the week #10: Jo Hyun Jae

Lately, I’ve been COMPLETELY taken in by Han Kang from 49 Days, so I thought why not dedicate this week’s fanvid of the week to the man behind the character - JO HYUN JAE? In retrospect, I guess we should have seen this coming when in my first impression review of 49 Days, I started going off …

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Fanvid of the week #9: Han Kang

Now that I’ve gotten over the shock of the news of Seotaiji and Lee Ji Ah’s past marriage… Lately, all I want to talk about in the K-dramaland is about the awesomeness of 49 Days and my love for JO HYUN JAE’s Han Kang character. I’ve seen most of Jo’s dramas in the past, but he’s …

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Fanvid of the week #8: Kim Jung In

Eleven year old Kim Jung In appeared as a contestant on the currently airing MBC’s survival audition program, The Birth of a Star. This is a clip of her singing Jo Sumi’s “If I Leave” (from Empress Myung Sung OST) during her final audition before getting eliminated last week. Many singers, including Kim Bum Soo, Yangpa, …

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