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Answer Me 1997: Episode 10


Perhaps it is due to the “cable” factor. Or it is thanks to the writers’ past experience in writing “real variety” shows. Or still yet, maybe the actors are simply doing a great job bringing to life what’s in writing. But it strikes me how the teens in Answer Me 1997 actually talk like real teens. …

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Answer Me 1997: Episode 9


I admit it. When I become obsessed about something, whether it be a song, an actor, or a drama, I go a little… overboard. I listen to that song on repeat for days at a time, look up online everything I can about an actor, or re-watch scenes or episodes of a drama again and …

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Answer Me 1997: Episode 7


Episode 7 transcap – a gift for a friend. Enjoy! (I didn’t really proofread this, and I’m terrified at the thought of going back to fix everything. So I won’t… Don’t mind the spelling/grammar mistakes.)  

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Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 1


Tree With Deep Roots premiered last week with ratings in single digits. Its first two episodes drew 9.2% and 8.2%, respectively. (Source: TNmS) It was not a surprising result considering it had to contend against the finale of The Princess’s Man, but even so, it’s really unfortunate because Tree With Deep Roots started out so strong. And …

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High Kick 3 / Counterattack of the Short Legs: Episode 4


It’s bromance for the win!

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High Kick 3 / Counterattack of the Short Legs: Episode 3


So in this episode, the story progresses along to show how the worlds of these different characters will soon collide so that they will all live in close proximity to each other.

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