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A look back at 1995


With the end of Episode 10 of Answer Me 1994 marking the end of the year and a start of another, I thought I should do the same. As I did an overview of the Korean pop culture of 1994 earlier, it is only appropriate that the year 1995 gets the same treatment. And so, I take …

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A look back at 1994


Last year around this time, I was obsessed with the “little drama that could” that was Answer Me 1997. And I swear it is pure coincidence that I started blogging again just as Answer Me 1994 readies to premier in a few weeks. Though it was far from being the only reason, a large “fun” factor …

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Deli Spice: “Confession”


In all my years of drama watching and fangirling, there haven’t been many dramas where I can say that the song perfectly mirrors the sentiments or convey the true feelings of the characters. For most OSTs, it’s just great background music that I will hunt down for my own listening pleasure. However, I think with …

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Beautiful Lyrics series: Jo Sung Mo’s “To Heaven”


Ahhh, the late 90s and early 2000s! Such a cliche, but so very true- time truly does fly. Everything was on a grand scale back in the day and that goes for the MVs (music videos, more like mini films) that featured the movie stars of today. Can you ever get sick of the lovelorn …

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Beautiful Lyrics series: Deli Spice’s “Chow Chow”

deli spice - am1997

The “Beautiful Lyrics” series has been put on the back burner during my blogging hiatus, but I’m bringing it back! I personally find it very rewarding to work on these posts and share some of the lesser-known (at least outside of Korea) K-pop music of the past. Thanks to Answer Me 1997, I have been …

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First generation idols

WHAT?! G.o.d. got together and performed “Lie” on this week’s Music Bank?! I’m not going to lie. (Hehe, no pun intended.) This news (and their performance) almost made me cry. Now go and retrieve the missing members- Yoon Kye Sang and Park Joon Hyung!

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