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  1. endodo4ever

    Heh. I updated my blog’s tagline. :) Thanks for creating this blog directory, Blue! Not sure if I’ve already thanked you before, but one can never say ‘thank you’ too many times, yeah?

    I wub this blog! Keep it up, chingu!

  2. SprinkledPink

    Recaps for weekend/daily dramas:

    1. blue

      Thanks for the info, but she specifically requested on her blog not to link her blog to other blogs, forums, and social medias. So I don’t think we can add her to our directory. Too bad because I really like what she’s doing there. :-(

  3. lettle

    Here’s a website about korean dramas based in the Philly area. It’s called Korean Drama Group. It’s made up of mostly non asians who love korean dramas and more! It’s a really cool board, plus we have a annual korean drama get together once a year! Check it out please. Thanks!
    Love your blog on of my faves! or

    1. blue

      Thanks! The site has now been added!

  4. Deeno

    Another site is Noises from the Closet. She does some recaps (Korean and Taiwanese) and music posts.

  5. bbstl

    another site is CJK Dramas, a discussion board for K- and other Asian dramas (mainly but not at all limited to broadcasts in CA) and related topics:

  6. nik

    Kdramas and Kmovies reviews! Also American TVs

  7. blue

    Updated – 2/22/2012

  8. whoopeeyoo

    Blue! Bella! *tears of joy* Thank you so much for including my blog here. I got a few referrers to my blog that linked to this. So I was curious as to why that happened. I thought I left a comment here before and someone clicked but to see my blog listed in this directory that I perused tons of times already, thank you so much. <3 I may not comment so much here because I'm still shy about that (it's hard to de-lurk) but I remember participating in your live chat and I'm sure I contribute a lot of views because I keep on refreshing your blog especially during weekends to see the movie rankings.

    Anyway, you guys are one of my korean blogger idols so keep being awesome! :D

  9. amarmirch

    Is this where I can also submit by blog to your directory? If so here it is: – the main feature of my blog is reviews on Asian movies and dramas (Korean, Japanese and Chinese). I also feature picture editorials on popular actresses, singers and models (often K-pop). Recently I have also added a writing/poetry section to the blog as that is another one of my passions. Cheers~

  10. muabuokst

    You can download K-pop here

  11. Luka

    helloooo fellow kdrama-obsessed chingu! :D
    A few more sites to recommend:
    Kdrama previews/teasers here –
    There’s a site that’s putting out lots of live recaps and other kdrama-related news (

  12. (:


    Thanks so much for your extensive blog directory!<3

    Can I suggest: ?(:

    Much love from your fellow-k-drama-fan:DD

  13. dewaanifordrama

    What a fabulous and amazing list! I just recently discovered your blog today, and this is a lovely resource for a fairly new K-drama blogger. I know that Amanda at outsideseoul also has a fabulous list that you might want to add to the list/find some that you might want to add to the directory. Here is the link to Amanda’s list:

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