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Do you have any questions or requests for Blue or Bella? Whether you’re curious about an aspect of a Korean culture or history that you observed in a drama, have questions about the Korean language, have a translation request that you’re dying to find out (but please, no request to sub an entire show, unless that show is *ahem* titled Sungkyunkwan Scandal – applies to Blue only), or have a request that we dedicate a post to any particular subject, please ask away! The only restriction is that your questions or requests must in some way or form be connected to the Korean entertainment culture/industry (dramas, movies, music, celebrities, etc), but this connection is loosely defined. We’ll try to answer them as best as we can!


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  2. Claudia


    I just finished watching Air City on Drama Crazy and loved it. I thought it was a well-written show with reality re: behind the scenes action at an airport along with adventure, humor, romance and information. There were a couple of main plots and related sub plots that kept the show moving along. The actors were good, too: Choi Ji-Woo, Lee Jin Woo, Lee Jang Jee, No Tae Man and several others. After finishing the final episode, I researched Air City online hoping to find a sequel. Wow, I found out it was made in 2007! That the ratings were not favorable and there doesn’t seem to be a sequel anywhere! So, do you know anything about this show? How would I contact the writer and director to let them know how much I enjoyed the show and to beg and plead for a sequel? The reviews on Drama Crazy are favorable! Any help, will be appreciated!

    Thanks, Mac

    1. blue

      Honestly, I did not like Air City at all, and as you said, the drama did not fare well in ratings either. Drama sequels are pretty rare in Korea, and even more so for “failed” shows. But if you wish to show your appreciation for the staff, I imagine the best option (besides actually acquiring the personal email of the writer/director to send a letter to) is to comment on the fanboard of the drama’s official homepage. Must warn you that it’s probably very unlikely that a drama staff would actually read the comments for such an old drama though!

      1. Claudia

        Blue ~

        Thanks so much for your help. I will try to contact someone to let them know! Yep, it sounds like a longshot to ask for a sequel. When I think of movies that are redone 5, 10 even 20 or more years later, somehow, I think it is worth a shot.


  3. Eun

    Hi Blue and Bella,

    I am a reader of your blog since 2011. I am wondering why aren’t you posting stuffs anymore here. I terribly miss you guys!

  4. Han

    Hi Blue and Bella.

    I am Han. Been into Korean cultures/dramas since a long time ago. Hmm..can you help me translating this song?

    I am not sure the official name of this song. Some said it’s Love Story of the Mountain. I first discovered this song in Family Outing when Yoona SNSD came as a guest. So whenever you have free time, I hope you can do me some favour.


  5. maygraceae

    Hello, I’m a fan of Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk, can I have a copy of the english subtitle of the episode of Go Show that both of them appeared? My email ad is

    Also, may I ask if there is a Reply 1997 DVD English subbed that CJ&M or TvN released?

    Thank you so much!

    1. blue

      I’m not aware of any english subs for either shows. Sorry I can’t be any help!

      1. maygraceae

        Sad. Anyway, thank you. I love your site. <3

  6. lim

    Hi Blue! Reply 1994 is the last k-drama that I watched. And, really… it’s hard to move on… Could you please recommend me any drama that has similar vibe, or at least the two leads have as strong chemistry as Nareki?
    Uh! I’ve watched Reply 1997 too..

    1. blue

      I hear you! I’m still having a hard time moving on from that drama! I’m not sure of having a similar vibe, but if you haven’t watched these dramas yet, I thought the leads in “Pasta” and “Smile, You” had very strong chemistry with each other. Check them out!

      1. lim

        Pasta is one of my favorites too~! Smile, you is quite long, rite? I don’t think I’ll dare to watch it… hehe…
        Huhu.. T_T, I really hope Shin PD and writer Lee will work together again soon… Thanks btw, love your blog!

        1. maygraceae

          I love the King2Hearts. Though the script is not that good, the lead actor and actress pull it well.
          Also, I heard that Queen Inhyun’s Man lead actor and actress had very strong chemistry to the point that they made it real. :D

  7. lim

    Hi Blue! I just re-watched Reply 1994 and I’m curious about this one thing. We know that Najung is 1st year student and Sseureki is the 3rd year medical student. I guess when Najung is In the first year of high school, Trash is also in his third year, rite? But then in ep 2, Sseureki said to Haitai that he has been in Seoul for 5 years. And, in the early ep 3, we know that Sseureki is 4 years older than Najung (as Appa said). It’s really make me curious somehow. First, how come they differ two years by academic year but four years by age? Second, when do you think Sseureki move to Seoul? Does he spend his high school in Seoul? Third, I think there’s two years gap between Sseureki high school and college period. As far as I know Sseureki run his military duty as army doctor in 2001 (prior to their marriage), so It’s impossible for him to go to army before being a college student, rite? Hmm, do Korean students attend some kind of 2 years preparatory school before going to university? Since you’re a Korean, I wanna know about your opinion. Sorry, I over-think this.. Hope you don’t mind to answer… Thanks~!

    1. blue

      Hi lim!

      Trash is in his 3rd year of medical school. But there is also two years of premedical courses before that. So in fact, he is in his 5th year of college. (I’ve explained Korean medical school program in more detail here. This is why at the beginning of the drama, it was the start of Trash’s fifth (calendar) year in Seoul. By this calculation, he attended high school at his hometown in Masan, and he didn’t take any break between high school and college.

      Hope that clarified! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      1. lim

        thank you so much…. that’s very helpful! btw, could I ask this? Hmm… do you have no plan to continue the nareki fanfic translation? I enjoyed it so much and regretted my lack in understanding Korean. So, if you have time…^^

        1. blue

          Keke, sorry for keeping you waiting! I’ve been having some computer issues, and so am currently shopping for a new laptop. Once I get it, I’ll be blogging more regularly again, including updating the nareki fanfic! Until then, it’s difficult to be posting long entries using my work computer or on my phone. :)

  8. old soul

    Hi Blue! Just wanted to say that I’ve missed you and your posts. I know that you’ve pretty much detached yourself from the drama, and most of the Narekis have moved on to other dramas. There’s still quite a few diehards left on the thread, believe it or not. We’ve even done a daily dramathon, and we enjoyed being on different ships. Just like the DC peeps, we’ve done our own CSI work, too, and it’s been a hoot! There have also been fanfics written by our own resident Narekis, so that’s been really nice for all of us.

    Three months after the drama has ended, I just want you to know that we’ve really appreciated having your spoilers on upcoming scenes and insights on Korean language and culture because it gave us more appreciation for the drama as a whole. And I think that we would have missed out on so much if you hadn’t been there. So a big thank you from all of us, and I’m so glad we got to experience the drama together.

    You know I’ll always be a fan of your blog, so I hope you won’t stop writing. I hope someday there will be another great drama where we can meet again. Take care! :)

    1. old soul

      I just realized that I never really asked a question, so this may not have been the proper section to post my comment, so my apologies in advance.

      How about this question then? Any good dramas lately worth watching till the end?? Thanks much! :)

    2. blue

      Ahh, I miss the Nareki thread!!!! And now I’m sad that I missed the dramathon with you all! Are you still hanging out mostly at Nareki thread, or Jung Woo’s thread? I hear Jung Woo picked a film as his follow-up project!

      As for dramas, I’m really enjoying “Emergency Couple” that is currently airing on tvN. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check it out! It’s a cute story, and honestly, I think it is better than the overhyped “You From Another Star.” We really need to all reunite on another drama thread soon!

      1. old soul

        Yay, you replied to my post! I wasn’t sure how often you still checked on your blog, to be honest, but I just hoped that you might one of these days. And, yes, the diehards are still on the Nareki thread. There are a few who frequent the Jung Woo thread as well. If I had known you’d be interested in the dramathon, i would have asked you to join us. I thought you were trying to detach yourself from the drama at that point. We did have a great time asking questions and trying to figure out answers. I think the best part was dissecting the background music and finding out how awesome the music director was as well. Of course in the course of more drama analysis, your name always pops up because of the input you shared with us in the past.

        We just learned that there is recruitment going on for assistant writers for a possible third installment of the Answer Me franchise. Have you heard?

        We’ve heard about Jung Woo’s new film project and Go Ara’s new drama which will be coming up earlier than his. We’re equally excited for both. I forgot to tell you that the whole Nareki thread was moving so fast when the drama concert aired. Seeing our OTP together on stage again made us miss the drama all over again.

        As for the dramas you mentioned, I did watch YFAS, and I enjoyed it till the end. I thought it was well acted and entertaining, but that’s it. I also checked out EC, and it’s good enough for me to see it to the end. It hasn’t drawn me enough though to discuss it on a drama thread, but I do check out what people comment about it.

        Several Narekis have written fanfics including one chainfic. If you’re interested, they’re either posted or their links given on the Nareki thread. If you have problems locating them, let me know and I can just give you the links for them.

        Excuse the long message. I got carried away again, as usual. Who knows a third AM series just might bring us back all together again.

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