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One fateful day in January 2009, Blue and Bella met on a drama thread at Soompi.com. Blue smirked, “Bellaangel012, huh?” And Bella smirked back, “Blue_angel_1004, huh?”  And it was love at first sight.

Nah, but they did hit it off right away and started exchanging emails on Korean dramas, celebrity gossip, and umm, shoes? They marveled at all the things they shared in common, and at more than one occasions, they freaked each other out on whether they might be long-lost twin sisters after all.

Unbeknownst to Bella, Blue decided that if she ever entered the blogosphere, the two should make it a joint venture. That decision came to fruition on November 26, 2010.

After having been a K-drama fan for 22 (or was it 23?) years now, Blue realized that not only could she not recall her general impression of some of the dramas she had watched in the past, but sometimes she could not even remember whether or not she watched certain dramas to completion. Ashamed to call herself a serious K-drama fan, she decided that starting a blog to keep a more concrete record (trail?) of her viewing history was the best solution. Naturally, she asked Bella to join her, and Bella agreed to it. The rest is history.

Here, you will find the personal journey of two K-drama lovers as they fondly look back upon past drama classics, obsess over (and rant about) currently airing ones, and anxiously anticipate upcoming projects. We hope that some of you may find it to be a fun read, and decide to join us (I mean, them) on their journey together.

Blue’s brief bio

I am a Korean American living in a large metropolitan city in the U.S. Although friends describe me as being “as Korean as Koreans come” (whatever that means!), I still share a great deal of American sensibility, as will be reflected in my posts.

I go by the name “blue_angel_1004″ on soompi. It was a name I came up with way back when I was a wee teenager and having names like qTAzNgrL sounded cool. (By the way, the number “1004″ as pronounced in Korean is identical to the Korean word for angel.)  Alas, now I hate my screen name, but as it sort of stuck and it seems too much a hassle to come up with a new name, I’ll probably just keep it. Please feel free to call me simply as “Blue” though.  I prefer it to being called “angel” or “angle” (as it’s often mistyped), or any other variation of it.

I am fluent in both Korean and English, and very “in tune” with both cultures. People often ask me which language I feel more comfortable with, and honestly, there isn’t any quick, easy answer. Professionally, I much prefer English. I dream in Korean. I swear in English. I pray in Korean. I give myself pep talks in… Konglish?

I specifically mention languages because one of my biggest pet peeves is grossly mistranslated articles and subtitles. Please, let’s stop all the bad subs in the K-drama world!

Bella’s brief bio

Hola people,

My screenname on Soompi is Bellaangel012 and the shortened history version of this name comes from my high school days. For those of you who do not know what “012″ means, it’s “forever.” Yea it’s cheesy and “no” I will not be changing it anytime soon. I am too lazy for that as well.

Like Blue, I also live in a large US metro city.

I am what you call a 2nd generation K-American, who while young, was forced to go through endless hours of Korean lessons. Needless of me to say, I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the fact that I can now parlay this into my endless hours of enjoyment in Korean entertainmentof all forms.

I am bilingual in Korean and English with a smathering of my Spanish peeping through now and then. I use English for my “people” persona and Korean at home. I would like to consider myself not as a complete  twinkie or  FOB but  a  hybrid of both cultures.

More often than not, my Korean side  is always at war with my so called American sensibilities but I would like to think that I can walk the tight rope and swing for both. So you are officially forewarned that I may go off in tangents and often have bouts of “I covet a person/item/situation/unwanted or unnecessary commentary” Tourrettes.

Dramas have always been a part of my childhood but I never truly appreciated it until I started to really understand the meaning behind the dialogue and actions onscreen when I became older (at least the really good ones). At times, these dramas have served as my mentor, provided guidance, reinforced my own affirmations, and provided a different perspective.

This will be my first time blogging along with Blue so no promises from me that it will be a smooth process. But I do hope, along with Blue, that be it our ravings and rantings, that you discover something useful and new. (This was the PC part)

Unfiltered version: blog is a great opportunity for me to spew my own rantings/ravings/musings in a public forum!

And I can’t leave off without posting this:

About the site name:

“You’re my electric ground.” The name of this blog “Electric Ground” was inspired by the lyrics to the song “Electric” by a Korean indie rock band, Mot (못). We wish we had some fancy explanation to give on how we hope this blog would be a place where people’s hearts and minds come together like the flow of electricity. But really, Blue just likes this song and thought it’d be a nifty name for a blog.


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  1. CM

    Hi there! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)


  2. Matthew

    Hi Blue and Bella,

    I am an American songwriter in Los Angeles that will be putting together a music video of one of my songs in about 6 months. I’d like to feature Park Shin Hye in it but have had trouble making contact with her management company or others who might give me permission to use her images. Do you know who I might contact? Also, do one of you feel qualified to do a translation into Korean of the lyric?


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