My analysis of “Who is Na-jeong’s husband?”


Many people have been asking me for my opinion on who I believed to be Na-jeong’s husband in Answer Me 1994, and particularly, what made me so confident that the husband was this specific candidate and not the other. For the longest time, I was hesitant to share my opinion in fear that it will only add fuel to the ongoing shipping war between Team Trash and Team Chilbong (and the small group of Team Haitai and Team Binggrae).

What finally prompted this post was reading opinion after opinion by other drama viewers that the writer/director team may change their final decision based on fans’ reaction. That’s when I realized that when the time comes for the husband to be finally revealed, some of those people who cheered for the other candidate will continue to insist that they’ve been cheated.

I am here to say that despite all the trolling done by the writer & director team to the contrary, and even their threat to do so, it is apparent from the get-go that they have always intended one specific candidate to be Na-jeong’s husband and that person is none other than… Trash Oppa.

Now, my analysis is not based on who has better chemistry with Na-jeong, who “deserves” her, who loves her more or vice versa, who would be “better” for her or for each other, who I would have personally preferred to be the husband (for Na-jeong or for myself), or any other such things determined by individual taste or biases. The fact that both ships have such loyal and dedicated fans indicate that both Trash and Chilbong (because let’s be real, they are the only two serious contenders here) are worthy to be our heroine’s husband. And frankly, for this exact reason, I wouldn’t have given a damn whichever one got chosen.

That said, I do have one thing at stake. You see, Korean dramas have always been a part of my life. One of my earliest childhood memories involves sitting around in the living room with the rest of my family as we watched Korean dramas together. And perhaps because of this influence, I have long harbored a secret wish to be a Korean drama scriptwriter myself, however unrealistic or slight my chance may be. Thus, it is important for me to see that the Korean drama industry continue to flourish, and that despite the commercialism, that it can serve as a creative outlet for many scriptwriters. And this means that however good or bad the result may be, I would like to see writer’s original story as intended get told without being swayed by the opinion of the viewers, and that this is what gets judged on its own merits.

As I watched Answer Me 1994, I too wondered about that one aspect of writer Lee Woo Jung’s storytelling that puzzled most people – the identity of the heroine’s husband. I don’t mean to dismiss the other many wonderful aspects of Answer Me 1994′s story, but it is also true that that one aspect unfortunately overshadowed all others for so many people. So then, what is writer Lee and director Shin’s intended story in the “guess the husband” game? Do they even have one? Or did they truly intend to tell their story at the direction of the viewers?

What better place to look for this answer than the drama itself!

Until Episode 6, I was pretty conflicted myself. And then, this scene happened.

In that momentous scene when the potential OTP got a chance to have their first kiss, the director didn’t give the viewers the pleasure to simply relish in what was happening. Instead, the camera did a sweep across the room and finally landed on Trash’s face. The dramatic “thump” sound, not part of the original background music, accompanied it to add to the full effect. And this is when I came to truly realize that the love story here was never about a love triangle. Instead, it was the writer’s intention to tell the love story between Trash and Na-jeong, and how these two childhood friends came to break the familial relationship that once bound them and grew to be lovers.

If this was the only evidence in my conclusion that Trash and Na-jeong would eventually become a married couple, I admit it wouldn’t be a very convincing one.

So, I looked to the 2002 and 2013 scenes. And this is where I became certain that my theory was indeed correct. As many people suspected, these scenes are indeed very telling. But not for the reason people believe.


Present scenes

Many people look to small hints and clues in the present scenes, almost turning this drama into a detective mystery. But by focusing on these small details, they fail to look at the big picture revealed by these two scenes.

Reading through forums and fansites, I often come across “clues” that people repeatedly point out. The plain white milk in the refrigerator means that the husband is surely Trash. The medical books and baseball books on the shelves indicate that the husband has to be Chilbong, the baseball player who perhaps had a change of career to physical therapist. Remember how Chilbong knew that Ssuk-Ssuk was always coming in late? For sure, he would have to live there to know this! And the list goes on…

But is this the only explanation for all this? I realized early on that if the writer/director chooses to, all these clues can be simply explained away in just the last 5 minutes of Episode 21. That got me thinking about what would be the best way for the writer to go about this without being too contrived. And then it suddenly hit me like a pile of bricks.

Did you ever think about why Ssuk-Ssuk is living at Na-jeong’s? What is Dad’s prized victory liquor from 1994 doing there? I understand that Na-jeong is a clean freak, but is it really possible for the apartment to be so clean and “moved-in” looking on their first day there? In fact, why are they even having a housewarming party on their move-in day?!

Do you see where I’m going?

You see, all this would make sense with just one simple explanation…. that Na-jeong’s husband is what Koreans would call a “데릴사위” (a son-in-law who lives with his wife’s family)! In fact, it appears that Na-jeong and her family may not have moved into a new apartment after all, but simply moved into her parents! Perhaps Na-jeong became a working professional and needed her parents to help out with raising the kids.

This would explain away everything. Why Na-jeong has a scrapbook of takeout restaurants to call on their move-in day. Why there are baseball books alongside the medical books on the bookshelf.  (It belongs to Coach Sung Dong Il’s.) How it is possible that her husband chose to order things to be delivered to their home on their first move-in day.  And if Chilbong remains close to the Sung family and often visits Na-jeong’s parents as we suspect he would even if he didn’t marry her, it would explain how he knew exactly which room at Daddy Sung’s apartment to go for a quick nap. Heck, Chilbong can even be their neighbor living in the same apartment building! That would also explain why he knows that Ssuk-Ssuk has been coming home late these days.

I’m not saying that my theory is the only option and that it’s necessarily the correct one (although I think a very good one). I mean to point out how easy it is to debunk these clues that so many people rely on.

It is noteworthy that these clues don’t necessarily rule out Chilbong or Trash as the husband. It is just as likely for Chilbong to be the 데릴사위 living with Na-jeong’s parents.

So instead of these small “clues” and “hints” which may really end up being nothing, I’d advise you to look at the big picture- the fact that this entire group still remains close friends and are in a good enough relationship to gather like this in the first place. This relationship cannot be explained away in mere minutes.

Now, let’s go a little further back to the wedding taking place in 2002. So many people focus on the stand-in groom for clues (his height, hairstyle, and hair color), and on the appearance of the groom’s parents who may or may not also be stand-in actors.

But take a look at the group shot of the boys proudly on display. Look how friendly and happy this gang looks! Seeing this photo, it’s hard to believe that just several years earlier, Trash and Chilbong were once rivals in love, both battling it out to win the heart of one girl. In fact, Trash had even declared to Chilbong that they were no longer in the relations where they could play a friendly game of catch ball with each other. But in 2002 at Na-jeong’s wedding, all five boys are gathered for a photo like they are the best of friends.

How could this have happened? No, really, I mean it. How could this have happened?


Choose Your (Husband) Adventure

After the end of Episode 6, I created two scenarios to test my theory. One for how the story should proceed in order for Trash to be the husband, and another for how the story should proceed in order for Chilbong to be the eventual husband. Of course, I had to take into account the personality of the two characters within the context of this story taking place in Korea.

The result of what happened is the reason why I once commented here on this blog that  “the drama continues to progress just as I would have predicted if Trash was the writer’s intended husband…”


For Trash to be the husband….

From the get-go, Trash is depicted as the stereotypical Korean Gyeongsang-do man. Macho and not very expressive of what he’s thinking or feeling. For such a man to stay true to his character and return to having a friendly relationship with someone who was once his love rival…

1. Ideally, Chilbong’s one-sided love for Na-jeong must remain as just that – unrequited. If Na-jeong does not show hints of ever wavering for Chilbong, all that would have to entail for Trash and Chilbong to return to having that brotherly relationship they once could have had before love rivalry got in the way is for Chilbong to simply confront Trash and admit defeat man-to-man.

2. In the scenario where Na-jeong ends up falling for Chilbong and dating him first, their relationship must be short-lived and not serious. In this scenario, it’s a bit difficult for Trash to be very welcoming of Chilbong at the wedding or for Chilbong to show up at his ex-gf’s wedding, though. It would require a more “liberal, Western” mindset from both characters.

3. Even if both men are totally cool with this very “liberal, Western” mindset, Na-jeong’s parents can not have known that Chilbong dated Na-jeong. No Korean parent would just sit and watch as their daughter’s ex-bf becomes part of the “wedding party,” out of respect for the groom. (Note: Korean weddings typically don’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen. But even so, as the photo of the five men were on display at the wedding, I will proceed to call them the wedding party.)


For Chilbong to be the husband…

In contrast to Trash, Chilbong is depicted as the stereotypical Seoul man (as fantasized by those Koreans hailing from the countryside). He’s gentle, romantic, and knows exactly what to say. Raised by divorced parents, he may be more open about certain things, like becoming friendly with his wife’s first love. This is especially true when that first love is a family friend with his wife. Problem here is not Chilbong, but how Trash would react.

1. Ideally, Na-jeong’s one-sided love for Trash must remain just that – unrequited. Trash does not shown hints of ever wavering for Na-jeong. If this happens, once Na-jeong gets over her crush on Trash, he can remain just a brother-like figure to both Na-jeong and now her husband as well, Chilbong.

—> Failed. Trash revealed that he too liked Na-jeong as a woman… and at Chilbong’s face at that.

2. In the scenario where Trash comes to accept Na-jeong’s heart, he has to do it haphazardly without much consideration of what the consequences of this would entail. Then, Trash and Na-jeong can break up, realizing that they were confused about their closeness and have mistaken this as love.

But, if Trash takes much time to consider the sticky situation presented due to the closeness of the two families, it means Trash knows exactly what he’s getting himself into and that as soon as he says yes to dating Na-jeong, he is in it for going through with it all the way to marriage.

—> Failed. Although it frustrated many people and turned them away from Trash, it was this very action that sealed the deal. Even if Trash and Na-jeong do not work out, if Trash was this serious about marriage with Na-jeong at the time they were dating, it would be proper etiquette for him to excuse himself from the wedding as the bride’s ex-bf. This would be hard to do because of the relationship between the two families, but at the very least, a typical Gyeongsang-do man like Trash would not be cool about being part of the wedding party.

3. Even after all this, if Trash turns out to be a much more open person than I ever gave him credit for, Na-jeong’s parents must still be kept in the dark that Trash and Na-jeong ever dated for the same reason as #3 above.

–> Failed. In Episode 15, Trash spoke to Na-jeong’s parents to seek for their approval in dating Na-jeong. Even if Trash was like a son to Na-jeong’s parents, as soon as he admitted to stepping out of bounds by dating their daughter, he has stepped outside of ever returning to being just a son again even if Na-jeong and Trash were to break up. Trash knew that, which explains his great hesitance in deciding to date Na-jeong.


Up until Episode 15, when anyone asked, I used to tell people that I was almost positive that Trash was the husband. After that confession to Na-jeong’s parents, I just can’t fathom how they could ever make sense of having the relationship as depicted in the “wedding party” photo, unless Trash is the husband. I get goose bumps every time I think about how the writer proceeded to go in the exact direction that I had predicted (at the end of Episode 6) would be needed for Trash to be the husband, and vice versa, how the writer took every turn to make it more and more difficult to leave any option for Chilbong to be the husband. I tried so very hard to see if I’m overlooking something, and I just can’t find it.

Come December 28, we’ll find out whether I was right up until the very end or I’m just yet another blogger spewing nonsense. But if I’m right, I think I deserve a call from Lee Woo Jung offering me a position to be her assistant writer!


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  1. reddy1

    I always suspected that Trash is the husband given the huge storyline dedicated to his character and his turmoil. Like in reply 1997, I knew that the hints in the present day should not be taken seriously because the scriptwriter can easily find a “solution” to intertwined the hints together and logically explain them. So I have been scratching my head about them because I knew that they are not hints pointing to the husband identification. I strongly believe that your hypothesis that they are moving in with the Najung’s parents is correct. I think some are hung up with the quote “it aint over till its over” thinking that the show’s message is that hard work will pay off, but my theory is that Chilbong will learn that hard work doesn’t lead to achieving your goal 100% percent of the time but one should view it as giving your all to attain something and if it doesn’t work out, its ok because you’re not going to regret about it later. I think this realization will mend his relationship with Trash too.

  2. birdscout

    After reading your excellent explanation, it is crystal clear that Oppa is the husband (as much as my Chilbong-loving heart may wish otherwise!) Thank you for sharing your insight.

    Can we all say that we “knew” you before you became a Kdrama writer? ;)

  3. kk

    omggg u totally deserved to be Lee woo jung’s assistant
    I mean all of this was just RIGHT !
    this is what irritating my mind all the way i’m watching it. I know there’s something that proved oppa was a Husband since the first place but idk what’s the evidence of this feelings
    but you just claimed it with this post and k-culture/traditional <3
    i dnt know that dating with someone whom you know since a kid would give him this much tension.
    at Trash's brother wedding ceremony trash's parent also want NJ as their daughter in law.
    anyway, love yaaa Blue, Trash team fighting! :)

  4. ck1Oz

    Sigh. Hi dear.

    It is with sadness I read your well written post. Yes, * whispers * I was on Trash’s side went to Chilbong and now sadly… still enjoying the drama. But man, the writer has done this for too long. It is not longer funny or amusing or a fun game.

    It has not ruined the drama for me, but it sure has soured the experience. Thank you for spending so much thought thinking these through.

  5. old soul

    Hi again, Blue! I’m getting a little bit nitpicky over here. But Na-jeong and Chilbong’s first kiss during their game happened in Episode 6 instead of 8. Even the video you posted says episode 6. It’s probably just a typo so I just wanted to point that out since you refer to that episode about three times in your piece. Not that it has any huge effect on everything you stated above. Either way I still agree with your deductions.

    1. blue

      Thanks for pointing that out! That’s what happens when I write something at 2 in the morning. Hehe, I’ll fix it right away!

      1. old soul

        You’re most welcome, Blue!! :)

  6. mandy

    Thanks for this! So interesting… By the way, Have you been to Soompi’s CB+NJ couple thread? I was getting so mad b/c they were making a total joke of your theory that CB was a neighbor. Anyway, I think your theory sounds very good!

    1. blue

      Keke, are they now? Thanks for the concern, but I really don’t mind. It’s not the first time that my theory became ppft-ed. But if it makes you feel better, I’ve been watching dramas for 25+ years, and I’ve never really been wrong in my drama intuition except once. That happened 19 years ago when I was much younger and didn’t know any better. (Okay, I let my bias for an actor cloud my judgment.)

      I also proposed an unpopular theory for the drama 49 days, and guess who had the last laugh?

      As for CB being the neighbor, that was just a theory I threw out there. It’s possible, but I wouldn’t make a bet on it or anything. But the theory of Trash being the husband and that they’re somehow living together with the parents, yeah, I’m willing to make a bet on it b/c that’s how confident I feel about it. As Bella, my co-blogger could testify, I don’t lose my K-drama bets!

      1. Anna

        “..and I’ve never really been wrong in my drama intuition except once. That happened 19 years ago when I was much younger and didn’t know any better. (Okay, I let my bias for an actor cloud my judgment.)”

        hey Blue, I was curious, which drama was this? care to share it with us? just if you don’t mind that is. ^_^

        1. blue

          Haha, no, I don’t mind. It was the 1994 drama “Feelings.”

    2. blue

      I was curious what they were saying about me, and took a visit to that thread. OMG, they’re tearing me apart there! LOL. This is why I stay off from any “shipping” threads. By its very nature, they’re so biased that they only see what they want to see for the sake of their couples, instead of trying to read the flow of the drama as a whole.

      I just skimmed through the thread, but I don’t know why they keep saying I’m biased. If it was personally up to me, I would have picked CB! (Guess they didn’t catch that, huh?) I can’t stand that Trash is a smoker, and that he hasn’t broken the habit till now. I think I’ll just visit that thread again at the end of the series to say, “Booyah!” Oh gosh, I really need to grow up. Keke.

      That said, there are some well thought out comments there, but also many comments there that are just relying on mistranslations. Really, NJ said that she’s the smartest when around CB? I don’t know what kind of translations they’re relying on! It gave me a headache just looking at some of the things that the characters “apparently said” according to them.

      Burn bad subs, I tell you! Burn bad subs!

    3. anne

      hello. the other shippers are not really laughing at blue or angry at blue.

      there was a user who shared a story at baidu or chinese forum/site about how chil bong is a rich neighbor, and (sarcastically) implying that he is a rude guest in a neighbor’s house (na jung and trash). and she laughed about it but didn’t translate it in the forum because much of what is funny will be lost in translation. but when they read your theories, and there’s a neighbor theory there, it connected and so she translated it. the original post is http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/26750897/#Comment_26750897.

      anyway, they didn’t really mean any harm, it’s a way to again (sarcastically) imply that chil bong, if he is not a husband, is a very rude guest in a neighbor’s house. it’s not you and your theories, but the neighbor explanation, which is already a hit meme in the chinese forums/sites.

      some are saying that they don’t want to believe your theories because you are after a different pairing, and that may be true or not, but i suppose it’s a way to sort of discredit your theories because as shippers of the other pairing, well we don’t really need any more proof why the pairing will not work considering the 1990s scenes.

      1. blue

        Fair enough! Thanks for the explanation! I, too, was out of line by implying that I would try to rub it in Cider shippers face if my theory turned out to be correct. In the end, we’re here like this because we’re all both fans of the drama, right? :-)

    4. yonglihan

      Hey to each his own right!

      I came over to point out that the shippers in the CB-NJ thread were actually talking about the MEME in Baidu but it’s already been pointed out.

      Anyway, this post is directed at “Mandy” not Blue:

      Honey, if the theories of others make you ‘mad’ don’t lurk around and then go tattling to mommy :P

      Whether you’re right or not still remains to be seen eh Blue? ;) Thank you for all the spoilers and the trivia on 1990′s Korea!


      1. lolalanes

        Oh Honey! she never said or even implied that she was mad, more like surprised bc clearly you guys are watching another drama & need to take your blindfold off & realized how ridiculously childish some of you fans are. She went to check out the forum bc the other user had said that pl were bashing her so there was no tattled telling but i guess one would see it that way if they HAVE A MIND & EMOTIONAL CAPACITY OF A 5YR OLD! Blue fighting!!!!

  7. V

    Blue, you have such marvelous intuition for K-dramas. :) I do have a question, though: What about when the story is absolutely inane, i.e., written by a writer on crack who has no sense of logic or flow? Or is it that you’ve watched so many K-dramas by now, both good and bad, that even the WTF-just-happened ones can’t trip you up?

    1. blue

      If I knew everything that every writer will do for every single drama before it happens, I would be a psychic instead, right? There are times when I watch a drama and have no opinion whatsoever on what’s going to happen next or which direction the writer will take. :-)

      What I am expressing confidence here is in those instances where I DO have a strong intuition/opinion on an aspect or the direction of a drama, I’ve always been right about it… as obnoxious as it may sound to others, I know. Sometimes, this may be about something that is obvious to everyone else too, and at other times, things that many people might miss or have a differing opinion about. But when I express this much confidence on something happening in a drama, things always turned out as I had predicted. I know, once again, this may sound really obnoxious and cocky. Perhaps, I’m due for a little piece of the humble pie soon! :-D

  8. leslielei

    Aww Blue, stay on Nareki thread we love you there! hehehe

    kidding aside, wonderful write up on who is the husband. As much as I am a Trash shipper, how they build up and screentime for Trash made me feel sure that he is the husband. However, i was thinking if theyd go cray with what is the usual story norm and go with Chilbong. As much as CB is a great guy, i cant imagine him being the husband for the reason that they did not put much effort on the story telling? What i mean is CB’s backbone of a story is minimal. It doesnt help too that on the recent ep he did not have much weight on the storytelling process. Anyhow I understand why some would not like want Trash as he certain bad habits thats a bit hard to live by.

    I think after all these years I’ve somehow care to understand what smokers go through,it really is not easy to make them stop. For those who tried the withdrawal process is something that can break them. As one of our patient said, ‘ive been smoking for several years and i know im going to die anyway, smoking is the only thing that makes me happy at this time so why cant i do it?”

    Anyhow back to the topic at hand, the significance of Trash going to Najung’s parents asking their blessing for them to date is hard to top. Unless, like what you said they become ‘western thinkers’ and that in the event Najung chooses CB as the husband they’d be all tolerant to this. IDK but i have a hard time picturing NJ’s parents be cool with having Trash and CB in one room being all chummy , so the more its gonna be weird if Trash goes to the wedding if CB is the husband eh?

    People have been complaining that there’s not much part for other characters,but as youve said this might be a drama wherein the main purpose is to show the journey Najung and Trash have, the transition they make and how they’ll breeze through it.

    Thanks again for this wonderful write-up!!

  9. old soul

    Hi Blue! Given that you’ve watched episode 16 already, have you already figured out if the 2013 scene in episode 1 means that Na-jeong and hubby just moved into their own place and that they do not live with her parents? And that her parents live nearby or maybe next door? If her parents lived next door it would explain why she might know that the neighbors are noisy.

  10. JEAN

    Oh My god!!! You are such a genius!!! You clearly stated and explained it well! This is the first time going here and I think I will always come here! And since a lot of bloggers pointing out to CB but there is no heavy evidences, and even the drama flowing really good to NJ and Trash.. I’m into Trash team but now that I read your points and heavy explanation I was so happy, your like sherlock ha? hehe.. Please continue, I’m loving this show so much…

    Thank you for this wonderful analysis! :D

  11. dropthebass

    Hey Blue! I think you’re analysis makes complete sense, but something about how the drama is unfolding kind of makes me ahre Chilbong might get the girl.

    Say you’re right and Nareki is endgame — how would you say the rest of the drama would go? There’s like 4 hour and a half episodes left. Seeing how they got together so early I feel like juat keeping them together means a lot of dramatic tension is lost?

  12. myr

    I am on Team Chilbong but I know when to concede defeat when all things point to Trash as the husband.

  13. Katerose

    Your theory abt NJ and her husband live with their pa n ma is reaching right cause in fact their apartment is beside the parents’. Gud job Blue!!!

  14. muchadoboutlove

    Just wanted to share this great observation by a blogger on naver regarding the stuffed toys…


  15. Iviih

    Hi guys, I have a random question.

    On episode 17, SW says her husband is always away and NJ says he is a ”weekend couple” and I’m confused about it.

    Please explain to me because I’m really confused lol I don’t remember it from A1997.

    Doesn’t SW and YJ live together on Seoul? Or not?

    1. blue

      No, they don’t live together. YJ works as a judge in another city, and only comes to Seoul to visit his family on weekends. Hence, they’re known as a “weekend couple.” Really, I find it to be a sad living arrangement. :-(

      1. Iviih

        Omg, this is so sad :( If YJ is such a genius why he can’t work in Seoul? I think later he’ll ? I hope. Thanks for explaining.

        1. Kandiboo

          in the last episode of Reply 1997 they commented on how YJ got SW pregnant the second time despite being a weekend couple.

          If you deduce the age YJ is still young (in his career) in his 30′s. My best guess is that he got promoted to another city to become a judge somewhere between the first baby (in Seoul) and in 2012.

  16. JEAN

    Oh my, we are sure about oppa so I don’t have to worry, some mastermind genius concluded this and I was shocked, I’m not good in guessing lol

    (credit to the owner and i don’t know who really is lol)
    We see the picture from the wedding with the guys where they are in the same order in episode when they wait outside the door in house warming party
    From Left to right : Oppa, SCP, Binggeure , Haitai and Chilbongie

    Episode 4 – First Name Revealed – Kim Jae Joon- NJ calls her Husband-Oppa
    Episode 8 – Second Name Revealed – Kim Seong Gyun – Yj calls her Husband-SCP
    Episode 17 – Third Name Revealed – Kim Dong Joon – Doc calls her Husband- Binggeure
    Episode 18 or 19 am fairly certain Haitai will be called by his wife with his name
    Episode 21 will be reaveal of CB wife along with his name which will not be Kim Jae Joon(or he will be the husband with the same name as Oppa which I really doubt seems tacky and not writers style.)

    source : http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/12/answer-me-1994-episode-17/

    1. bogosipeo

      saw this on soompi too and must say that it got me intrigued. by the way that we’re getting to know their names one by one in that exact order makes me feel like this one has hit the bull’s eye.

    2. blue

      I saw that too. Very intriguing! It would explain the order of how they’re standing, and I wouldn’t put it past Shin PD to do something like this.

  17. xiiaofen

    I kinda suspected from day 1 but I wasn’t 100% sure, from all the k-dramas I’ve watched there is no lead that shows up so late in the story, Chilbong came at the end of Ep 2 and beginning of Ep 3, and then I wasn’t sure until they sent Chilbongie off to Japan that resulted in his diminishing screen time that I was sure. I like Oppa and Najeong’s relationship i’ll be so happy if they really are together :)

  18. Naritul

    Nice theory, u deserve to be the writer assistant… now it’s all about finishing the drama…
    I am positive about Trash being the husband since they become closer and the parents permission…

    But i love how they put the drama back (with chilbong)

    i am trash shipper… starting from trash, moving to chilbong and cameback to Trash again…

    Hahaha. love ur blog i will follow u

  19. x3nikicolee

    After reading your full analysis, all i have to say is, wow… what a good, detailed job you’ve done! Deep down in my heart, even though i can understand why the majority of Reply 1994 fans are Chilbong shippers, i knew that the writers were focusing on Najung and Trash Oppa’s relationship. It’s actually quite easy to see this, but because many are blinded with Chilbong’s character, they’re making a big deal in the little things. And to that, i have to say, good job writers! Because that is exactly what they were trying to accomplish(: Myself? I just can’t see that spark and connection that Najung has with Oppa in Chilbong. Yes, he’s a very well made character, but really, all i see is a one sided love. There’s nothing else besides that. With oppa however, she’s experienced more, gave more of her time to him, and if they don’t end up together, my only answer is that the writers chose this, to feed the majority of ChilbongxNajung couple out there, instead of following their original script. If that really happens, i can honestly say, that this drama really won’t be the same. I’ll hate to see that happen :/

    If you look at the poster for Reply 1994, you can see that Najung and Trash are wearing couple outfits from head to toe. I think that was the writer’s “sneaky” way of telling us from the get go who she ends up with(:

  20. JEAN

    Blue have u seen the wedding photo on episode 19? what would u say. haha

    1. blue

      Keke, that the stand-in actor has the body of CB and the face of Trash. :-D

      1. JEAN

        hahha agree lol writers so troll, but after watching or rather reading spoilers, i feel heartbreak, but still team oppa haha .. sigh

  21. Sumaiya

    I’m not sure of this relevant, but don’t you think that if Na Jeong’s husband is Trash, then she would’ve worn the necklace that was given to her even after the break up? Because I noticed that she wasn’t wearing it the 2002 scenes. Plus the way she calls her so-called husband, ‘yeobo’ or ‘ya! Kim jae joon’ lol. But then she called trash oppa – when he asked for alcohol.
    However, her wedding ring was finally exposed in 2002 in the episode Trash proposed to her. But then again, a few episode before that, CB and NJ had couple phone cases.
    Ah this is so confusing. >.<

    1. liz

      I’m watching an show with kids and their dads ”The return of superhero” and Tablo’s wife calls him hobbo, Tablo’s name and Oppa… she mix them all the time, so I don’t understand why people are arguing over it, wifes do call their husband oppa too, not all but some do.

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