Answer Me 1994: Spoiler Alerts for Upcoming Episodes (Update #15)

Old habits die hard. And just like that, I’m back in the hunt like a hyena for any possible spoiler for my newest obsession, Answer Me 1994.

I will continue to update this post upon finding any additional information, so check back for any future updates!




Disclaimer: I do not guarantee the authenticity of the following spoilers. They are only for entertainment purposes!


1. Based on the script that Go Ara is holding in the photo below, we learn that the title for Episode 7 is titled “Summer of that Year.”


2. A Yonsei University student claims that the cast and crew filmed a scene at Yonsei campus on Oct. 27th. The scene involved Binggrae (played by B1A4′s Baro) getting into a verbal altercation with an unknown male. In the script, the unknown male was simply named “Milk.”


3. The same witness as #2 saw the filming of another scene about a month ago. Since the filming took place around midnight, the campus was pretty empty. The seven characters were gathered around in a circle drinking beer, and it appeared like they were playing a form of the Truth game. Haiti asks Na-jeong if there were only the five men here on a deserted island, who she would choose. This said witness didn’t hear Na-jeong’s answer, but claims that another character retorted back to Haitai, “What about you?” Haitai answers “Yoon-jin.”


4. A winter scene!



Updated October 29, 2013

5. Earlier this month, Baro (Binggrae) and Jung Woo (Trash) were seen filming in Incheon.


6. Go Ara (Na-jeong) and Yoo Yun Suk (Chilbong) were spotted filming late at night in front of 7-Eleven. You can see Chilbong in his baseball uniform.


7. Another witness claims that they recently filmed a scene in which Chilbong was limping and Na-jeong was supporting him. (Comment: That makes sense that Chilbong would get injured. Otherwise, he would have to soon leave to live with his teammates for training. His injury would give Chilbong and Na-jeong time to become closer.)


8. Supposedly, the title for Episode 11 is “How To Forget/Get Over Your First Love.” (Comment: Wow, the writers of this show really like to pull your leg with these episode titles, huh? Remember how the last episode of Answer Me 1997 was “Why First Love Doesn’t Work Out”? Well, we’re not falling for it, hmph!) –> With the release of Episode 11 preview, we learn that the episode title is “The Only Way to End One-Sided Love.” 



Updated Nov. 4, 2013

9. On Nov. 2, Chilbong and Na-jeong filmed at the library of Sogang University. Based on their outfits, it looked like a fall/winter scene.


10. On Nov. 4, the cast and crew of Answer Me 1994 were seen filming at Hallym University Hospital. Binggrae (played by Baro) was seen wearing a patient’s gown, and it appears his condition was pretty serious because they filmed him in the ICU. Trash (played by Jung Woo) was also seen at the scene, but he wasn’t wearing his white coat.



Updated Nov. 6, 2013

11. More details about spoiler #3 above. When asked who he would choose between Na-jeong and Yoon-jin, Binggrae picks Na-jeong. And as for Trash, he gives a very “Trash oppa like” answer, whatever that means!


12. Another library scene with Chilbong and Na-jeong. Not sure if it’s the same one as #9 above, but this one looks like it takes place in summer?


13. Sinchon boarding house members watching a horror movie together. Most likely, they’re watching the popular horror tv series, M, which aired the summer of 1994.


14. Na-jeong showed up at Yonsei campus all prettied up, even wearing a dress/skirt! But what’s the occasion? (It looks like she’s wearing a fall outfit, so this scene probably won’t happen for a few more episodes.)

On the same day as this….



Updated Nov. 11, 2013

15. More details about spoiler #2. The mystery man with whom Binggrae gets into a verbal altercation is his younger brother, whose name is revealed to be Kim Dong-woo. He is described as being proud of his older brother, but also mad at always being compared to his overachieving, med student brother, Binggrae.


16. Another look at spoiler #12. It is speculated that Na-jeong is tutoring Chilbong at the school library.


17. Chilbong and Na-jeong eating out.


18. Na-jeong was seen filming on a public bus at Yeouido. Based on the ads on the bus, it is still a 1994 scene.


19. The cast filmed the scene of Trash’s oldest brother’s wedding. His oldest brother’s name is revealed to be Kim Jae-seok.

Trash’s 2nd oldest brother is played by actor Jo Jae-yoon. Will the name of his character be Kim Jae-yoon as well, lending credibility to the youngest son being Kim Jae-joon?

Trash’s parents… And perhaps Na-jeong’s future in-laws? Of course, we already know that Trash’s dad is named Kim Yong-shik.


20. A possible spoiler was posted in a High Cut article. It reveals that they are currently filming scenes for episodes in the teens, in which Trash leaves far away. (Comments: Some speculate that Trash is leaving for his military duty, but many agree that this is very unlikely. Korean doctors typically don’t do military service until they finish their residency, at which point they do service as army surgeon as opposed to regular active duty.) 


21. Additional details to spoiler #18. In addition to Na-jeong on the bus, there were old-school ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks also at the scene. Looks like they’re going to depict the Seongsu Bridge collapse or the Sampoong Department Store collapse as expected after all. Besides Na-jeong, witnesses claim they saw Chilbong as well, but we do not yet know whether he was on the bus.



Updated Nov. 12, 2013

22. May or may not be the same storyline as spoiler #21 (likely?), but another scene involving ambulances bringing patients to the ER were filmed on Nov. 12th. She claims Trash was standing in front of the ambulance and the “friends” were gathered around as well. The said witness heard Na-jeong was there as well, but didn’t actually see the actress.



Updated Nov. 21, 2013

23. CONFIRMED. According to an extra on set, they filmed the Sampoong Department Store collision scene. All three leads (Na-jeong, Trash, and Chilbong) were there, though it’s not clear whether any of them was actually involved in the accident.


24. At the end of last week’s episode, they showed a preview of Episode 11 in which Na-jeong talks about her ideal man. She is referring to Lee Jung Jae’s character in the popular drama, Sandglass, that aired from January to February of 1995. I’ve already discussed in detail about Sandglass in my “A look back at 1995” post.


25. Filming on November 17th in which Trash is seen talking to a mysterious girl. It looks like a cameo by actress Kim Seul Gi (SNL Korea).


26. An eyewitness saw Jung Woo (playing the role of Trash) and the crew of Answer Me 1994 preparing for filming on November 20th. They were heading into a hotel, and she overheard them saying that they will be filming inside a room. (Note: Not clear whether they’re referring to an actual hotel room or a private room at the hotel restaurant.) The eyewitness didn’t see any other cast member.


27. Today (November 21st), there was a filming outside Seo Taiji’s former residence in the Yeonhui-dong neighborhood of Seoul. It is speculated that this is the scene after Yoon-jin learns of Seo Taiji and Boys’ retirement announcement in January 1996.


28. There are many fake spoilers floating around the web, and so I try to post only those that look very reliable (supported by multiple sources and/or photos). The following one is an eyewitness report by one source and without a photo, but it still sounded credible to me and so I’ll share it here. Take it with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t seem like a very important scene anyway. Maybe.

The said witness claims she saw the filming of Na-jeong and Trash on campus. Na-jeong looked mad, and Trash ran after her and grabbed her arm/wrist/hand (?) to stop her. That’s all the witness saw, and she couldn’t hear the actual dialogue.



Updated Nov. 25, 2013

29. I came across an actual copy of the drama filming schedule from October 14, 2013. On that day, they filmed a scene where Samcheonpo and Yoon-jin are attending Kim Gwang Seok’s concert taking place on June 29, 1995. (Note: Kim Gwang Seok’s song “Too Painful of Love Wasn’t Love” was used in the preview video for Episode 12.)

As you may know already, that was the day when the Sampoong Department Store collision occurred and Kim Gwang Seok did actually hold a concert on that day. There is even an actual video clip of him from the concert that day where he announces to the audience the news of the accident in the middle of the concert.

The scenes from that concert will include the audience members’ beepers going off, a close-up shot of Samcheonpo’s and Yoon-jin’s shocked faces near tears, and the two making a call from a phone booth as Yoon-jin sobs.

The filming schedule shows that these scenes will be included in Episode 12.


30.  Episode 13 is titled “10,000-Hour Rule.” The title is a reference to the theory described in the book Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell that the key to mastery of a specific field is by contributing 10,000 hours of your time to practicing that given task.

Also, this episode will have scenes with baby/toddler Ssuk Ssuk. The mother of the baby who will be playing baby Ssuk Ssuk shared that Jung Woo played with her son very well.


31. Despite Director Shim Won Ho’s recent interview that the husband is still undecided, he’s just trolling the viewers. The scripts for all 20 episodes have now been completed according to scriptwriter Lee Woo Jung herself.



Updated Nov. 27, 2013

Despite getting such a head start, the filming schedule is becoming very tight. With Director Shim’s perfectionist tendencies, he is taking full control of everything, without resorting to having separate filming teams like in other dramas. The cast is pretty much filming everyday, and this means that for a spoiler whore like myself, it’s getting hard to keep up. But here goes…


32. The hotel that Jung Woo is seen entering in spoiler #26 is speculated to be used as Trash and his brother’s officetel (studio apartment).


33. On the afternoon of November 24, Jung Woo was seen filming at the Hongdae branch of the cafe, CoffeeSmith. Due to the modern interior of the cafe that doesn’t befit the mid-90s, it is speculated that this is after some sort of time jump.


34. That same night, the cast showed up to film at a seafood restaurant in Mapo-gu district of Seoul. The restaurant manager didn’t know the cast members because he doesn’t watch the show, but he confirmed that Go Ara, Jung Woo, and several other “young actors” were there. The scene that they were filming was of them eating and drinking.


35. Multiple sources seem to indicate that someone is going to the army. As athletes and doctors delay their army duty, if this happens before a time jump, it is likely to be Haitai, Samcheonpo, or even Binggrae. If it happens after some time jump, Trash or Chilbong is fair game as well.


36. Late night of November 27, Jung Woo, Yoo Yun Suk, and Go Ara were seen filming at Sinchon. One scene was of Trash and Chilbong talking on the stairs. Another was of Na-jeong getting out of a car. Based on their outfits, it is a winter scene.



Updated Dec. 2, 2013

The cast and crew turned up here, there, and everywhere today, proving once again what a tight schedule they’re working under.


37. The crew was seen filming at a local high school in the morning.


38. Filming at Mapo Art Center in Seoul this afternoon. Binggrae was there for a singer audition and Na-jeong was there to support him. In an earlier news article, Binggrae’s character was described as Na-jeong’s confidant. It’s speculated that the upcoming episodes will show the development of friendship between these two.


39. Na-jeong, Samcheonpo and Yoon-jin were spotted outside a restaurant in Sinchon.


40. After filming the scene from spoiler #39, Go Ara left. They continued filming Samcheonpo and Yoon-jin drinking at a pub. May or may not be the same scene as #39.



Updated Dec. 3, 2013

41. Episode 16 is titled “Answer Me (Reply) 1997.” People are speculating that this is linked to the high school location shooting in spoiler #37, with cameo appearances by the cast of Answer Me 1997. (Note: Scripts for odd-numbered episodes have a white cover; even-numbered episodes have a black cover.)


42. Rumor has it that the drama production has reserved a wedding hall for December 23rd. This is not yet confirmed.



Updated Dec. 4, 2013

43. On the evening of Dec. 4, the crew of Answer Me 1994 filmed at a pork soup restaurant in Seoul. The name of the restaurant is Busan Pork Soup Restaurant. It’s not clear whose scene this will be, except it’s not very likely to be Trash’s. At the time this filming was taking place, Jung Woo was at an interview for Elle magazine. Also, people are speculating that they might pretend this restaurant is located in Busan and the scene will appear in Episode 16.



Updated Dec. 5, 2013

44.  Episode 17 is titled “Love, Fear.” The script was found on the dashboard of the production van, leading many people to suspect that the production is leaking the spoiler on purpose. Or perhaps, it really was just a mistake.


45. The van above was parked outside as Trash and Na-jeong were filming inside an officetel on the evening of December 5. It should be noted that the location of this officetel is different from Trash’s officetel in past episodes, leaving others to wonder if this is to be Trash’s new officetel or something else entirely. Here are some photos of Jung Woo and Go Ara as they entered the officetel to start filming. Netizens observed that Na-jeong was still wearing the heart-shaped necklace given to her by Trash, and Jung Woo had a band-aid on his nose.



Updated Dec. 7, 2013

46. Another hospital scene was filmed the afternoon of December 7 at Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital. Na-jeong and Trash were present, and Trash was wearing the same outfit as in spoiler #45. Once again, Trash had a band-aid on his nose, but this time, he was also wearing a neck brace. Na-jeong was seen talking to a middle age woman, whom at least one witness claims looked like Trash’s mother.

Update: The hospital filming continued until midnight that day. Not only did Trash have a neck brace on, but his right arm was in a cast. The witness said the scene involved Na-jeong freaking out and shouting at Trash upon hearing how he got hurt, and Trash trying to calm her down telling her that he’s okay and the injury’s nothing serious.



They also filmed a scene where Trash and Na-jeong were holding hands as they waited for a cab together for Na-jeong to take back.


And finally, the last scene that they filmed that day involved Binggrae (on the left, wearing a black parka) and Trash (in red).



Updated Dec. 26, 2013

With the finale coming up this weekend, this will be my final spoiler update for Answer Me 1994. It was really fun speculating about the upcoming episodes with you all based on spoiler photos and rumors! I hope we can meet again and obsess about another drama in the near future!

And so, without further ado…


47.  Chilbong was seen filming at a pharmacy recently. Despite the frigid temperature that day, it is speculated that they are filming a summer scene based on his outfit.  Although the source of the photo (via) only mentions seeing Chilbong, rumor has it that both Chilbong and Na-jeong were at the scene. Some speculate that it is a flashback scene as Chilbong seems to be wearing the same clothes as he did on the day of Sampoong Department Store accident.


48. Trash and Na-jeong were seen filming at a cafe. (Na-jeong is holding the drama script in the photo.)

Here is a copy of the script concerning the cafe scene. It will appear in Episode 20.

(Drinking coffee. Sniffles lightly.)

Trash NJ: He must be lonely without Mother. Be good to Father.

NJ: Oppa-ya.

Trash: Mmm… I’m sorry. You must have been very worried…

(Tears welling up. Looks on with resentment, but speaks calmly…)

NJ: What are you sorry about? Is that Oppa’s fault? Is “I’m sorry” the only thing you know how to say to me? Why would you? Why would Oppa be sorry…?

(Looks on with surprise.)

NJ: Oppa, I…



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  1. lolalanes

    Blue, I was wondering if in ep 14 CB’s character leaves a strong enough impression on you that he could be the husband?

  2. Kandiboo

    with the scene of NJ and Oppa holding hands it kinda seals the deal for Oppa to be end game… it’s a bit late for a huge swap now (that they’re probably filming the last 4 episodes)…

    there goes my Chilbongie fantasy. I hope that the writer gave him a good ending storyline to mend his (and my) broken heart.

  3. Win

    Just wondering why there are no other spoiler updated into this post? its been two weeks since the last update…

    1. blue

      I just haven’t gotten around to updating this page, that’s all!

  4. Czakhareina

    Thanks for the last round of spoilers…
    that totally hyped me up now that is just less than 24 hours til the first day of our D day!!
    Omo… I am really getting goosebumps.. and I cant’y sleep..
    I think this is the occupational hazard of being too excited and addicted on AM94!!!

    Thanks for everything blue!!!

  5. liz

    Oppa I…

    still love you and want to marry you.


  6. totokoko

    Wow. I am convinced by Blue’s argument that Oppa will be the husband, but episode 19 really left me wondering what will happen in the last two episodes. Even with just two episodes, anything can happen! And with the most recent spoiler… while I was getting tired of the back and forth of who is the husband and trying to tamp down my ship, that question is now renewed and rejuvenated for me. Looking forward to seeing what will happen, no matter who turns out to be the husband!

  7. bigwink

    Hi blue! Thank you for your awesome spoilers.
    Its been a great fun refreshing your web just to see if there is any updates.
    Cheers to the last episode! (whatever the outcome is)

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