Chitchat with Blue & Bella about AM1997, Go Show, and dating rumors

This is what results during Bella and Blue’s late-night email exchange…

Bella writes:

First, I had not a bloody clue that Lee Jong Hyun was a member of CN Blue or from Busan. Sooo cute, but I’m passed the threshold for openly spazzing about him. Bahhh!

Jung Eunji is a cutie pie. Really eloquent and quite clever, but as much as I want to see those two [Seo In Guk & Jung Eunji] hook up, I’m not getting the “dating” vibe from them or that they’re even interested in each other in the romantic sense. Maybe it’s because I’m a cynical hag.

Seo In Guk will probably be a great famewhore in the next few years with more projects and such. He is definitely smart, more talkative than expected, and attention seeking. We may have another Lee Jung Jae in our hands.

Go Show – What exactly is so unique about her show since she isn’t very much an engaging host?

Blue writes:

First, so sorry for being late in replying to your email. I had out-of-town guests visiting this weekend and so was completely out of commission. I did end up watching the Go Show. Bleh, what a borefest! And what was up with combining trot singer guests with idol stars? Go Hyun Jung is overpaid, the show has no direction, and it will likely come to an early end like Park Joong Hoon’s talk show. Mark my words! But I enjoyed the part with Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk.

I didn’t get any Lee Jung Jae vibe from Seo In Guk, but I definitely agree that his speech lacks filter. I started cracking up when he described himself as chon-nom, even though the MCs gave him numerous hints and signals for him to stop using that word to describe the Ulsan people.

I disagree. I actually do think there’s something going on between them. (I get the old Han Ji Hye-Lee Dong Gun vibe from them.) And Jung Eunji, gosh, she’s my new girl crush. Very quick and smart (knows how to handle herself in front of the media), and not to mention immensely talented!

Yeah, Lee Jong Hyun is a member of CN Blue. I actually really like his voice, but look-wise, he’s not my type. I was more surprised by how strong his accent was.

Blue writes:

By the way, I was watching (and re-watching) the preview for episode 15. I remember someone made a comment that Yoonje looks sick in the preview. I know he caught a cold from Siwon in episode 14, and now I’m wondering perhaps his cold gets serious enough for him to be hospitalized?  And his illness will what make Taewoong finally wake up? If that’s the direction they’re going to take, I’m not sure how I feel about it…

Bella writes:

Combining these two emails below because I think I sent you multiple ones over the weekend?

I think I finally figured out why I stopped watching these shows unless the guest is someone interesting, and this recent Go Show is a prime example of it. Gahh, I don’t understand how these producers think that having trot singers with idol stars will mingle on a show. So, so random! I also realized how out of touch I am with this K-pop generation if i can’t recognize about 3/4 of them.

Seo In Guk lacks “noon-chi” (tact). I thought the hints were pretty obvious, but he kept blabbering on!  If the hosts were any good, they would have played a little bit more on WHICH PD said that they looked like they were dating!

As for your theory, if this counts for anything, I thought he was pretty sincere when relaying why he caused some NGs. However, the evil side of me also said that it was an opportunistic way to generate some PR. Now after I have spent some considerable time this weekend (along with catching up on K-pop gossip) thinking that maybe there is a glimmer of hope for these two based on that blog analysis I sent you, take a look at this article. What kind of rehearsal are we talking about here that there weren’t many NGs for the stairway kiss?!?!?!?!   (http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=108&aid=0002168543)

But to counteract my point earlier, I did read in general that Jung Eunji has a lot of “baeryeoshim,” much like Yoon Eun Hye.

I thought the Lee Dong Gun/Han Ji Hye couple’s chemistry was bloody palpable, even during interviews and promotions. I don’t get that blatant in your face chemistry from these two for some reason. (It’s certainly not something you can hide). You think there really is something?

Preview for epi 15 - I don’t think I have to tell you about any spoilers (because you know I would have told you already, but they have literally dried up along with some Youtube clips. I am so so pissed!), but I can actually see how your theory is applicable because there was that one spoiler about how Siwon was seen crying in the hospital. However, since there was the other spoiler about Taewoong as a patient, I thought that maybe the spoiler wasn’t relevant or the person got the scene all wrong. But if your theory is correct, then perhaps Yoonje was really hospitalized due to the cold developing into pneumonia and Siwon crying over him corresponds to that scene.

I think it would be a nice way to wrap it up. I would prefer it considering that I don’t see how they can resolve it in time. I am not digging how this whole conflict of Taewoong fighting for Siwon’s heart is relevant this late in the game. I want to see how they play out the significance of the couple ring, Yoonje keeping the “S” (and engraved/embossed no less!), and if they dated other people during the 6 years they were apart. Other stuff rather than this nonsense!

Another observation- Lee Jong Hyun- so adorable and such pretty skin!

Bella writes:

Not which PD, but what is the name of that pd?

Blue writes:

Yup, there’s only one PD- Shin Won Ho. There may be many assistant PDs though.

Ah, yes! Noonchi! Perfect word choice. I find it hilarious that he lacks noonchi. But surprisingly, I like that about him. It’s better than the borefest that becomes of actors after they get trained in what to say (and not to say). For example, why are Lee Min Ho’s interviews so damn boring. I want the dirt, dammit!

Blue writes:

Hmm, and by the way, this may be my “nocheonyeo” syndrome speaking, but I want to see a bed scene between Yoonje and Siwon!

Bella writes:

Woman, we are not that bloody old! But I secretly want one too. After all, a baby didn’t come about without it! I can be happy without a honeymoon scene, but at least 1 or 2 bed scenes during their dating phase? Since it’s a cable drama and they are in their mid 20s at this point, it’s realistic to expect premarital sex? For bloody sake, they touched upon homosexuality and several, several references to porn! Weird things pop up when I think of these two, such as:

1. Are these two virgins at this point?

2. Did they even date anyone?

3. Damn, if I was as smart as Yoonje, I could have been a judge at 25/26. I mean he probably scored like in the 1% range to be one.

Blue writes

Exactly! My imagination runs wild when it comes to these two. But this is my guess.

1. I think Siwon definitely is. Especially with Taewoong always being by her side, I don’t think she would have had the chance to see anyone seriously during the last 6 years. Yoonje… who knows? Perhaps he tried to get over Siwon by being promiscious with other girls. Or, he vented that frustration by immersing himself in his studies?

2. See above.

3. It’s almost ridiculous how smart the writers made the two Yoon brothers… But hey! That fact made them more desirable and sexier. Why can’t these guys actually exist in real life?

If Yoonje is so good in everything (because apparently he’s a good kisser without much practice), I wonder if he’s good in bed. Hmm… Something to dwell on.

Bella writes:

1. I give it a 60/40 chance (60% a virgin to 40% popping the cherry) that she is a virgin. He can’t scare off every single guy and how can he keep tabs on her 24/7. She is stealth when she wants to be. It’s like all Korean kids go crazy during the college years, releasing all that pent up frustration since they didn’t do it during the school years i.e. dressing up, going out, clubbing, drinking, etc.

I give Yoonje a 80/20 chance (80% total non-virgin) because at that age in Korea, I just completely doubt it. Also, the three of them (Hakchan, Yoonje, and Sungjae) pass along porn like it’s candy. Curiosity killed the cat, yadda yadda.

2. Don’t you wonder if they will ever address what Yoonje thought of his roommate not inviting any girls over or talking about them throughout the 6 years?

3. Major props to Joonhee and Siwon for not discussing Yoonje and his whereabouts for 6 years. They definitely kept in contact throughout the years, but what are the odds of Sungjae not discussing what Yoonje has been up to for the past 6 years with Siwon. It’s like all 6 of them kept in touch but they all decided that discussing the sudden chill of Yoonje and Siwon’s relationship was taboo. Or they decided not to mention either of them in their presence.This is what I want to know, don’t you?

4. Guys like that don’t exist!

5. I haven’t been up to date on Korean politics as of late, but if Taewoong’s character is modeled after Ahn Chul Soo (Are you up to date? Politics is politics, but it’s so lowball in Korea right now that I can’t help but read the sleazy portion of it), Taewoong should be a saint because Ahn Chul Soo sounds like one. (Which reminds me… I have to get his book!)

6. My thoughts (because my imagination goes toward the pervy side of things): If Siwon is a virgin and Yoonje miraculously is a virgin on their wedding night, hopefully he knew what he was doing since he learned everything from porn! For some reason, I can see him taking charge in the bedroom while to the outside world, she has him completely under her thumb.

Blue writes:

If you want to be technical about it, Yoonje’s virginity will also weigh heavily on whether or not he went to the army. Cause let’s be frank here. Korean army is one huge sex ed. But based on my calculation, in order for him to have made judge in six years, he couldn’t have gone to the army yet. Thus, your non-virgin ratio is too high.

Taewoong is definitely modeled after Ahn Chul Soo. As far as I’m concerned, tvN is trying to score points with him. That, and majority of those Happy Sunday/Infinite Challenge crew members heavily lean left.

And as for Yoonje and Siwon’s sex life, rawwwrrrr~~~

Bella writes:


Oh, my effing goodness! This is why I shouldn’t ship or search for anything related to this drama!

He just had to add the adlib part about the hand on the knee, which I have been repeating for the past half hour too see if it was her knee or his, and now this banjun shit. Damnit!!!!

You may be right about these two after all!

I’m screwed for the rest of the night and now for the week since it’s airing tomorrow!

Blue writes:

It’s definitely his knee. And I told you so. Don’t doubt me, woman! Haven’t you learned your lesson yet? By the way, I think we should post this email chain on the blog. Censoring some stuff, of course!


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  1. myrahEeeeeeee

    There is no way Shi Won got pregnant without sex! and now that you suggested it, I want a bed scene for Yoon Je and Shi Won.. ohh so nasty. :D

  2. estel

    I find the speculation about their sex lives hilarious. I doubt, though, we’ll see their honeymoon at all. I bet it’s more cutting back and forth from past to the future like it has been.

    Were the two of them on the Go Show?

    1. blue

      Yeah, they were guests on the Go Show last week, along with Lee Jong Hyun, G.O. (mblaq), Tae Jin Ah, and Song Dae Gwan. (Two of them don’t belong there!)

  3. fifwish

    You gals are hilarious! This was a fun read. I don’t think I get couple-y vibes from them but it seems to be drumming up SIG’s popularity though. I think I’m okay with it as long as it’s not another QIHM’s situation.

    Question what does baeryeoshim and chon-nom (this I’m guessing means something like someone from the country side) mean?

    1. blue

      You guessed correct. Chon-nom means country bumpkin but with a slight more negative connotation to it? Baeryeoshim is just consideration for others.

  4. sarangf

    can you please translate the” hand on knee ” article !

  5. mizweng

    thank u Bella and Blue for an entertaining post….I want bed scene as well….hehehe and I please to echo what Sarang said…what is that about hand-on-knee bit???? ahhhhh am so excited for tonight’s episode…Do you know where I can Live stream it????

  6. caffeinate_me

    To Miss Bella: (and apologies for placing it on the wrong post) MORE SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I am going completely nutso over this little baby. I got on the AM1997 train pretty late in the game (like 2 weeks ago or so) since err, life kept getting in the way and there was not just enough time to watch ANY dramas. But a really long layover in a really boring airport allowed me the time to finally catch up and whoa, this drama is the sh*t! My greatest regret is now is that I wasn’t able to save any of Mr. X’s subs before his site disappeared. (Psssst…anyone know where to get them?)

    ANYWAY, this email exchange got a huge laugh outta me because after watching (and uh, re-watching furtively at work) episode 14, my mind went completely in the gutter and I started thinking about when YJ and SW were gonna have sex. Seriously, it was all I could think about, even in the middle of meetings. Because there’s gotta be just years and years of pent-up sexual frustration by now and they’re already in their 20s at this point. So LOL, I guess it wasn’t just me. Thanks for the post, guys! :)

    1. oozzeee

      Regarding the softsubs from MisterX, I have them on my HD.. I can email you copies if you want.. They’re just up to ep 5 though..

      1. keladryying

        Ahh … I’m in the same boat as well. Would you kindly email me copies of MisterX’s subs? Thanks a ton!

      2. just_ahug

        Hi oozzeee!
        Would you please also kindly email the copies of the sub? I’ve got his subs until ep4 already but wasn’t able to download sub for ep5.
        THanks a million in advance^^. My mail address is just_ahug@yahoo.com

      3. keladryying

        Thank you for the subs, oozzeee!

      4. Teejay

        I’ve also been searching for MisterX’s subs! I’d really appreciate it if you could send them to me too?
        My email: teejay1092@gmail.com
        Thank you soo much in advance! :D

      5. caffeinate_me

        Oh wow, that was a longshot but I’m glad you replied. :D Thanks a bundle! My email is rla.03.cafme@gmail.com

      6. ezra

        Hello! :) I would like a copy, too! soc_sd@yahoo.com

      7. Sunandstar

        Hi Oozzee!
        Can you also send Mister X’s sub to me as well?!
        I’ve been searching highs and lows for it since I failed to save the subs before the site gets axed.
        My email is sunandstar@gmail.com


      8. junsungmin

        hi! i have been looking for misterX sub’s everywhere.. can you please send to me a copy too?
        my email: kakcik.hebat@gmail.com
        you are such a darl!!

      9. Kath

        can you please send to me a copy too? been looking for misterX subs everywhere! cathymj15@gmail.com
        please please please!!! :))

    2. bella012

      @Caffeinate_Me- I feel your pain when stuck at a boring airport. In regards to your spoilers question- unfortunately there hasn’t been anything new as of late despite me looking for it daily. Perhaps it’s a cable network thing but spoilers have been quite difficult to find. It’s a very tight production in terms of what is being leaked, I’m actually quite impressed.

      @Mizweng and @sarangf- To summarize the article due to time constraints right now, Seo In Guk explained that everything about the scene came together beautifully such as the angle, the poses, the feelings the director wanted to show between the mature Shi Won and Yoon Je, etc. He mentioned that he improvised (ad-lib) the scene of the placement of taking Jung Eun JI’s hand and placing it on his knee (the scene of him covering his hands over hers during the scene) and how the PD praised the improvisation . Seo In Guk also praised Jung Eun Ji for going along with the improvisation to create a really beautiful scene.

      1. mizweng

        thank you Bella for the clarification…. have I ever told you how cool your blog is??? You’re one of the few I religiously follow…Thanks for all the awesome posts….. Keep up the good work my dears….

      2. sarangf

        thank you Bella xxx.

      3. caffeinate_me

        Thanks Ms Bella! I’m salivating over your Ep 16 preview post right now and I think it’s enough to take a bit of the edge off (do I sound like an addict yet? ;) )

    3. Noiha

      Yeah, where’s Mr. X’s blog??? I was going to check his 100 words about AM1997 only to find his blog went missing…….. T_T

  7. hartofseeker

    hahahaha it’s so fun to talk about dramas like that~ thanks for the share =D

    But can someone please explain a bit on some of these terms?

    - what’s “baeryeoshim”? =P
    - and I don’t quite get the “chon-nom” and Ulsan ppl reference (not that i have a clue where Ulsan is… I watched the GO show vid raw and barely understood anything =P so i didn’t catch how SIG was oblivious to the hints =P

    I’d love to be further enlightened about korean culture haha and you guys are such trustworthy sources… thanks for all the cultural tidbits that you guys share! =D

    1. bella012

      - Blue summarized “baeryeoshim” and “cho nam” above
      - This link summarizes your question in regards to the location of Ulsan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyeongsang
      - I don’t recall exactly what the hosts were saying (it was a combination of their actions and words) to get SIG to stop talking about Ulsan men but when he was discussing his idea for the Dream High character, he was playing up to the negative stereotypes of people from the countryside which is not necesarily true nor is it the most original characterization of someone who is not from the big city. It was a bit offensive and the hosts were trying to shut him up from continuing, he didn’t get the hints.

  8. oozzeee

    ,off topic but scrolling up… KYA!!!!.. soulmate headers!

    c’mon through… c’mon through…..

  9. Noiha

    OMG! I really love this couple! *-* That Lee Donggun-Han Jihye reference……… sigh…. you made me mourn Han Jihye’s marriage, which I know isn’t something I should do, but but but their chemistry back then in “Sweet 18″ made me think that true love is real… (wtf) Anyway, that talk about virginity made me laughed. The one person I’m sure to be virgin is Taewoong. Because Daddy Long Legs would never betray us. Heheh. :D All in all, it’s a fun convo~ keep them coming~ xD

    Do you know where to watch that “Go Show” episode? I think one dedicated fansub will pick this (either A-Pink, CNBlue, or MBLAQ), but they’ll probably sub the cuts and not the whole show. If anyone know where to watch it raw, please kindly share it~~~ >w</

    1. aehyu

      Can I post links? mmm well here’s the raw.

  10. PJupiter

    Hi Bella! ! I haven’t commented here yet, but I occasionally stop by this thread to update myself on all the awesome drama news and goodies that you and Blue feature. But I didn’t make the connection until today that you are indeed, the same Bella012 from soompi. -___- Wow! Haha, I just want to thank you again for your detailed clarification :)

    And if I get to vote on the dating matter, I think SIG and JEJ aren’t currently dating. But I think that there is an apparent attraction/interest between the two. You can’t deny their amazing chemistry on and off screen ;)

    1. bella012

      Hey hey!! I should be giving you props for translating that show, the time and effort (and follow up) you take to do something for others is really commendable.
      Hehe, not many get the connection and I’m just plain lazy to address it :)

      Stop by more often!

      I can’t believe I’m into this shipping business again but I agree, something could be brewing in the background. It’s that or SIG is probably the greatest PR person out there right now.

      1. PJupiter

        Whew! That makes me feel much better :) And I definitely plan on stopping by more frequently!

  11. maygraceae

    Hello, I’m a fan of Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk, can I have a copy of the english subtitle of the episode of Go Show that both of them appeared? My email ad is maygracedagaas@yahoo.com

    Also, may I ask if there is a Reply 1997 DVD English subbed that CJ&M or TvN released?

    Thank you so much!

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