Previews for Episode 16 of “Answer Me 1997″ (Updated)

The title for the final episode of Answer Me 1997 has many people worried. But I say there’s no reason for concern.

Episode 16: “Why First Love Doesn’t Work Out”


BGM: Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk- “Our Love Like This”


Shi Won: Did you go crazy?/ I’m not ruined?!?!?!? [Blue's note: This line is up for debate. Bella originally heard Shiwon say, "You touched me?" I thought she said, "Why didn't you stop me?" One news article said she said, "Did you go crazy?" No matter how many times I replay that scene, I have no idea how the reporter heard, "Did you go crazy?" But for now, we'll go with that until we watch the actual scene next week!] [Bella's note: Thanks to Sparkskey below and the general consensus from netizens- this could also be "I'm not ruined?!?!!?]

Yoon Je: What, what, what did I do wrong? I’m going to call the cops on you!

Shi Won: I really want to report you to the police right now!

Yoon Je: “Gashina,” are you kidding me?

Joon Hee: It’s because I don’t know how I feel. It’s time for some closure. (Literal translation: “It’s time to straighten/sort things out”). I’m going now…

Sung Jae: Wow, they say first love doesn’t work out… ( this could be a rhetorical question or statement)



Siwon and Yoonje can now be together. But their happiness is short-lived, for they find that your average dating relationship is not so easy…

And finally, Siwon’s husband gets revealed at the 2012 class reunion.


Credit: tvN




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  1. dr

    the preview video is not the right one …

    1. blue

      It’s now been fixed.

  2. mizweng

    thank you for this post…. until the end the drama is confusing us….. DAEBAK!!!!

  3. lizzie

    Maybe SW and YJ’s relationship as lovers won’t work out?

    and she will end with TW?

    HMM…. Seo In Guk did say this in a recent interview about the end

    ” Still, there could be a twist so I hope all of you tune in for the episode. ”


  4. sparkskey

    According to http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201209121006141310 ,Siwon said “이게 돌았나 진짜”

    1. bella012

      Thank you very much, I updated it according to the article. Blue and I were scratching our heads over it and it doesn’t help that there wasn’t a consensus from the netizens. I still think it’s something else (Blue thinks it’s “Why didn’t you stop me?” I was reading, “I’m with child”) but for “official” purposes, it works. Much much appreciated!!

      1. sparkskey

        Yeah, weird huh. I can’t figure out what she’s saying either ): the bgm is too loud. Although I managed to catch the other parts pretty clearly. Sharp eyed netizens have spotted a shiny ring on Yoonjae’s finger in the topless scene so yay! They’d better be end game

        1. simplemaine

          Hello bella012 and sparkskey!!

          This is my first time commenting here and it’s all because of the episode 16 preview..haha like you guys, I can’t also wait for Tuesday next week! I feel like dying waiting for a few more days.. TT_TT
          Anyway, I think I need to re-watch the preview again for the “shiny ring” you’re talking about
          sparskey.. hahaa
          Have you also noticed the ring Shiwon is wearing on the first scene of the preview? I am pretty
          sure it’s the ring that she’s wearing on their 2012 class reunion! Yay!!! This only means one thing:
          Yoonjae and she really ended up in the end!! (and WRITERS don;t spoil this one for us coz I already
          dreamed about these two characters!) haha ^____^

      2. sparkskey

        http://reply1997.interest.me/Index/12/Board/View?b_seq=2195 2 netizens have heard it as 나 엄마됐다 LOLOL. Looks like no one can agree on what the first line actually is.

        simplemaine: http://reply1997.interest.me/Index/12/Board/View?b_seq=2194 someone posted the screencap here. If you squint at his fingers, you might be able to spot it. And the written preview is out! There is no way Yoonje isn’t the husband. Yes, I trawl the boards everyday. Waiting for next Tuesday is the very definition of torture

        1. simplemaine

          Wow, thanks for the screencap link..hehe i think i saw that “shiny” ring on his fnger.. what i am trying to find now in the preview is whether Shiwon is also wearing a ring when she is hitting Yoonjae with the teddy bear but sadly I just can’t see anything coz she hits him fast!!hahaha
          is the written preview ur talkin about is this one here? maybe you could send me the link as well for another written preview…

          thanks so much sparkskey!!
          BTW – I am still continuously looking for sites that would give me spoilers but I always end up with nothing… sigh… T_T

        2. bella012

          I can barely see the ring as it is, I must be going blind or something. My money is that she said she is preggers. And now I have something to do this afternoon since I will be back on those boards again, what a headache!

          I agree with the poster though, I can see how the twist for Daddy Long Legs is YJ and not TW.

        3. simplemaine

          haha… i think you really have to squint really hard coz it’s not that very visible..^_^
          hmm, that would be good! being pregnan only means that something will happen to them in the last episode..
          a bed scene may be? whoah!! totally spazzing just thinkin of it right now!!haha
          whoever they are pertaining to Daddy Long Legs.. the ending should be SHIWON+YOONJAE.. if not, dramagods will just crush my dramaworld!!

  5. Teejay

    Thanks for the translation Bella! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve replayed this preview… I just love the way Yoon Je calls her Gashina…it’s just so undeniably sexy, and that KISS. Dayumm.

  6. Lina

    “Siwon and Yoonje can now be together. But their happiness is short-lived, for they find that your average dating relationship is not so easy…”

    Short-lived … what does that mean … come on now PD, unless you hook YJ with Joonhee … then IT BETTER BE A YJ and SW ENDING!!!

    1. simplemaine

      yes, Lina!! I agree with you!! BETTER BE A YOONJAE and SHIWON ENDING coz I’m gonna call the writers like Shiwon’s mom if they’ll not give us the ending that we dream of!!! hahaha
      I hope that line from the text preview only means problems they’ll face as a couple and not you know, the other way around which is the dreaded BREAK-UP coz this ain’t the way to END this PERFECT SHOW!!!

  7. r

    It better be SW – YJ ending if not YJ-HJ ending. I don’t want SW to be with TW no matter how perfect he is. TW feels like her dad more than her oppa. I have nothing against Song Jong Ho but talk about miscasting here. He looks like an uncle (if not dad) who’s 20 years older than the rest of the main cast instead of 10 years older YJ-s brother. Surprisingly Eun Ji Won fit in just fine.

    1. simplemaine

      I agree with you r!! I really do hope the writers, PD-nim and the dramagods will hear our request of SHIWON-YOONJAE ending.. that would rally make this drama PERFECT in all areas!! enough with the twist already!! if they twist the twist more and they come up with SHIWON-TAEWOONG pairing at the end, there are necks and throats that will surely be twisted!!! haha

  8. sparkskey

    Couple of hints(?) I gleaned from the boards

    1) In the preview, Yoonje was topless in Shiwon’s bed (shown in ep15), leading to many netizens speculating whether Shiwon really got preggers then.

    2) The final hospital scene at the end where both brothers came running in shows Yoonje in a rumpled t-shirt, like he dressed hastily, a callback to the 11th episode where he came out running when Shiwon needed him. Someone also mentioned that Taewoong must have brought him there because if you call the President’s car to fetch you to the hospital, shouldn’t you reach faster? That made me laugh out loud in office. Also because in the first part of the scene, Dong-Il mentioned “What if the baby has already come out?” implying that it’s earlier than expected, so the husband rushing out and being late makes sense

    3) http://reply1997.interest.me/Index/12/Board/View?b_seq=2190&page=4 a native Kyungsang-do speaker has stepped out to confirm with a detailed explanation why the first line should be “나 안망했다”, which seems to be the general consensus now

    1. bella012

      I think I may owe Blue another shopping trip or something because she mentioned that perhaps this isn’t their first child and I have been reading about this possible scenario in other places as well. This could be where the banjun part comes in but I get the impression that this is their first child.

      Thank you very much for the info (I edited it above) and now I have a backlog of pages to catch up on.

      Perhaps you could be so kind and provide fanfic links for SW and YJ if you find them (surprisingly, there isn’t anything around with the sprinkling of slash fics here and there for YJ and JH)? We couldn’t find them and I certainly need something to hold me over after this drama is over…

      1. simplesim

        My guess is that there are two babies! Both TW and YJ, that’s why both fathers are flustered and anxious. TW’s wife is also having her baby at the same time as SW. And TW’s wife is the sassy, pretty Dr Ju-yeon in ep14.

      2. sparkskey

        I think it’s their first child. They don’t behave like parents at all. Or that could be an intentional reference to how they take after Shiwon’s parents’ relationship.

        As for fics, I tried searching the net and all I could come up with was the Yoonje Joonhee slash fics you mentioned. ): That’s….surprising. Being such a popular drama and all, you’d think more people would have written fics about the main couple

  9. sparkskey

    As for spoilers, you guys might want to read this:
    아기 낳는 걸 연기하니까 어때요?

    출산 장면 찍으려고 수술대에 누웠는데 아… 진짜 산모들은 얼마나 무서울까 하는 생각이 들더라고요. 침대에 누워있는데 양 옆에 윤제, 태웅 이렇게 있었어요. 그 기분 말로 표현 못 해요. 진짜 남편이 내 옆에 있다고 생각하니까 참을 수 없이 눈물이 터져서 펑펑 울었어요.

    There’s going to be a birthing room scene in the last episode with both Taewoong and Yoonje present. Eunji said she’s probably the first idol ever to act out a birthing scene.

    1. bella012

      I’m having a bloody fit over the speculation right now that this may not be their first child but I read that this morning- you beat me to it! I updated it and gave you credit :)

      Also, you may or may not have read this but because I am so incredibly desperate to read any fanfics, I found this scenario: http://reply1997.interest.me/Index/12/Board/View?b_seq=2088&page=13

      1. sabohee

        i was happy for a second that you had finnaly found a non YJxJH fanfic, but no it had to be in korean.
        Why oh why T____T

      2. sparkskey

        Aww, its okay. I just wanted to share :)

        Have you seen this? http://reply1997.interest.me/Index/12/Board/View?b_seq=2378&page=1 Love how the poster has absolutely no faith in Yoonje keeping his hands off her for 6 years.

        And no, I missed that but I was totally grinning from ear to ear after reading that. Its cute and ties in with the spoilers floating around. Someone really needs to get writing a sweet Shiwon/Yoonje fic STAT after the drama, I need to wean myself off slowly. T_T

        1. simplemaine

          awww..i can;t understand a bit coz it;s all in Korean..huhuhu T_T i tried using google translator but it’s a mess.. can you help me out in translating the infos? pretty please?

      3. sparkskey

        Looks like you really do owe blue a shopping trip after all. It was a pretty awesome last episode, leaving me with a lingering sense of nostalgia and satisfaction.

        simplemaine: the info just says that there was a 6 year time gap between 2005 to 2012 and she thinks Yoonje couldn’t have possibly kept his hands to himself all these years and since there was a 6 year old girl in the special video she thinks that Siwon-Yoonje had a shotgun marriage.

        1. bella012

          I owe her several drinks, shopping trips, some facials, and no doubt endless opportunities for her to gloat!

          I wholeheartedly agree with you, the ending was simply satisfying. I kind of wished there wasn’t the oopsie baby but it goes with the randomness of life’s events.

          Now let’s look for some fanfics shall we? =)

        2. simplemaine

          awww..thank you so much for this sparkskey!!! i appreciated so much your help in translating the message..

        3. sparkskey

          I dug up my TVXQ album after the episode aired and drifted off to sleep to ‘Hug’. Just like how 1997 was the height of Shiwon’s fandom, 2005 was my version of it.

          I liked the oopsie baby, just Shiwon’s reaction alone was worth the scene being there. But what I loved about it was how normally they tackled the issue, like it was a natural progression from friends to first loves to husband and wife (with baby), without sticking in some moral code.

          Ahhh, yes the fanfics. Joonhee has triumphed as the fanfic writers choice of character. Where is the Yoonje/Shiwon love?

        4. simplemaine

          ooohhh!! i haven;t tried reading fanfics but it would be my first time if ever!!! have seen some but they are all in Korea.. I hope you can translate any fanfics that you’ll be discovering..i would really love to read those!!

  10. twitchedtuesday

    hi guys!

    And I can’t resist just to lurk anymore…
    I can’t wait to read about last ep’s post.
    I am so excited to see all ep with Eng sub so I didn’t watch any of it yet but just read all episode synopsis and all netizens feedback and reactions.

    Am really excited for episode 16.

  11. kcomments

    Hellooooooo! Knock! Knock!
    Merry Christmas, dear B-B ^________^

    1. blue

      Sorry for the late response, but hope you had a Merry Christmas too, kcomments! And a Happy New Year! ^^

      1. kcomments

        One cup cake with a dancing Micky (JYJ) on top just for you (Buahaha..). It’s 2013, Happy New Year!

  12. Justsayin'

    Haven’t seen you guys in awhile.. Just checking up. Hope all is well…miss you guys ;)

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