Previews for Episode 15 of “Answer Me 1997″

The title for Episode 15 of Answer Me 1997 is “While You’re In Love.”  All I ask of the show is that they keep the fight between the Yoon brothers to a minimum, and get straight to the point of what happens between lovers when they’re IN LOVE! Give it up, Taewoong! She’s just not in love with you!



Taewoong accidentally finds out about Yoonje’s feelings for Siwon. But when Taewoong declares to Yoonje that he can’t give up the woman he likes, Yoonje is at a dilemma between his brother and Siwon.

Meanwhile, when a guest for Siwon’s TV show cancels at the last minute, a certain someone shows up and comes to the rescue…



(BGM: Lee Jung Bong’s “How Are You?”)


Joonhee: Yoonje said he likes you too.

Yoonje: Hyung, the truth is, I…

Taewoong: You like Siwon, don’t you?

Taewoong: Though you’re my little brother I love most in the world, I won’t give her up for you.

Yoonje (on the phone): Hyung, I won’t give up either. I can’t give up on Siwon.


Credit: tvN


Who will come to Siwon’s rescue? Yoonje? Taewoong? Tony? My guess is on Tony, giving Siwon her chance to say goodbye to her first love and move on to her new love, Yoonje!




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  1. estel

    Taewoong is officially in the doghouse. How dare he tell YJ he won’t give up on Shiwon??? YJ’s liked her for so much longer! And Shiwon like YJ, not TW! And…and…and…it just has to be that way! I wanna see cute, in-love SW and YJ, not the brothers fighting.

  2. Sabah

    I agree with Estel, that ‘I won’t give up the woman I love for you,’ line really threw me. It kind of came out of left-field and I didn’t expect it of Taewoong at all. However I do understand why he loves her so much, since his first love was a type of ‘protector/guardian’ or oppa role too. He likes looking out for Shiwon which is why I think that her saviour at work might indeed be him. Sometimes we just liked to be needed; something essential in another person’s life.

    Still, I as I said before, I have never doubted that Shiwon and Yoon Jae wouldn’t get together which was cemented as concrete for me after Shiwon’s confession. Now what is left for me is seeing how the situation is resolved so that they are all ‘happy families’ as seen in 2012.

  3. Grace

    How dare you, Taewoong! Yoon Jae gave up Shiwon for you!!!! He shouldn’t have but he did! And now, how dare you say those words!!

    Yoon Jae is love!!

  4. Eun

    argh! Taewoong I’ll inject you loads of Valium so that you’ll be asleep for a looooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg time!!!!

  5. Roshogolla

    This show was doing such a fantastic job on not following every single cliche on kdramaland. I hope they don’t ruin this by going over used i-wont-give-up-the-girl-even-she-doesnt-like-me-back scenario. This would be sooooooooooooo disappointing.

  6. replycrazy

    guys anyone realize, in the first episode, when YJ meets SW, he comments she had gain weight. thats not someone who is living together says right? or m i just imagining things? that think took me by surprise. i really hope its YJ and SW otherwise I m giving up on this drama

    1. blue

      I think YJ’s comment was just a red herring. Based on the nature of SW’s job, she may have been away for a few days for a tv shoot.

      1. replycrazy

        thanks blue i really hope thats the case

  7. azizah

    just wait n see hahaha really love this drama…daebak

  8. KimYoonMi

    The spelling of YJ’s name should be Yoon Jae not Yoon Je.


    There is a difference in sound in Korean. Please fix~

    1. Bella012

      Actually it’s the latter and not the former. Even the main site spells his name that way but I can see the source of confusion for people.

    2. blue

      Yup, Bella’s right. Most sites spell his name as Yoon Jae (and I was under the mistaken assumption it was correct), until I actually saw his name written out in Korean. It should definitely be Yoon Je.

  9. myrahEeeeeeee

    I want to see Yoon Je and Shi Won go on a date, happily in love and all that! I hope they’ll give me that, I deserve it! :D
    Taewoong~~~ I never once believed his love for Shi Won.. and he has no freakin’ right to stop my OTP from being together,.. Grrr..

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