Deli Spice: “Confession”

In all my years of drama watching and fangirling, there haven’t been many dramas where I can say that the song perfectly mirrors the sentiments or convey the true feelings of the characters. For most OSTs, it’s just great background music that I will hunt down for my own listening pleasure.

However, I think with the recent episodes for my absolute obsession, Answer Me 1997 (I seriously haven’t had this level of obsession with a drama since Damo), the songs that were chosen to be played at key moments just hit every note and played upon my emotions like a banjo during our darling couple’s journey to adulthood.

This song in particular was played during the turning points in Shi Won’s relationship with Yoon Je. (One during her realization that Yoon Je is more than a friend to her after the rescue, and the other when Yoon Je decided to take action and move forward with Shi Won during their kiss on the “truth” chair). And I think that we can all agree that it’s probably their anthem for the angst in their relationship before their present day as a married couple expecting their first child.

In particular, the chorus is very befitting since in both scenes, Shi Won was either dating Tae Woong, or in that tenuous place where her heart was with Yoon Je despite their separation and Tae Woong’s declarations of love and patience. The lyrics not only convey her feelings but also reflect the mood of her relationships with both brothers.



This song was also played in the movie, The Classic (one of my all time favorite movies), starring Jo Seung Woo, Jo In Sung (yes, he really does look that constipated in certain scenes), and Son Ye Jin.


You can find a brief bio of Deli Spice here as Bluesy so wonderfully summarized.


Song: “Confession” by Deli Spice
Lyricist: Kim Min Gyu
Composed by:  Kim Min Gyu
Translated Lyrics: Bella012


Around the second year of junior high
When I was always the first in line at barely 160cm tall,
All the decent guys were already in the midst of their first loves


I really wanted to hear those words, although two years ago,
I know I’m supposed to be happy but I don’t feel that way


But I’m sorry, while being held deep within your embrace, I was thinking of someone else
I’m sorry, even as we walked holding hands, thoughts of that person came to mind


The more I liked you, there were more days when I felt hurt
And even in happy times, I was not there
Did I really do a regretful thing, even though it wasn’t so bad
If we had just been friends, it seemed I would have been happier


But I’m sorry, while being held deep within your embrace, I was thinking of someone else
I’m sorry, even as we walked holding hands, thoughts of that person came to mind



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  1. bbm

    i’m with you, i am truly obsessed with this show, spending an entire night trying to download ep 13-14 with my crappy internet, usually i wait until there are medium quality download, but i cannot wait!!
    to think that it will be over in another 2 weeks :(
    i think the music director is brilliant with his song choices. he needs to get a raise or his own music program
    these songs should be famous again in korea, am i wrong?
    ‘coz i read on akp that ‘daddy long legs ending’ was the most searched topic after ep 13-14 aired.

  2. Kandice

    this is a great song, even without knowing the lyrics you could get the emotions of the singer/songwriter

    the music director needs a raise.

  3. lizzie

    I love how the musics fit the characters and the moment.

    Btw, Eunji and Seo In Guk sang live their OST songs today:

    Hope there is no problem in posting it here.

    All for you


    Our Love Like This


    their voices match so well! Love it ^^

    1. Bella012

      No problemo, thank you for sending it our way!

      Do you want them translated (the songs)? If so, drop us a line

      1. nynaeve

        Yes please… I’m still on AM1997 withdrawal, and boy does it hurt so good. I’ve already watched the entire drama three times in a row, but I still want more.

        Btw, it would also be lovely of you could do a “Beautiful Lyrics” post for K2′s “소유하지 않은 사랑 (A Love I Don’t Possess). This song has been running on repeat in my playlist ever since AM1997 ended… and I haven’t found a decent English translation of the lyrics anywhere. I hope you could do it in the future… I’d be a really happy camper.

  4. pigtookie

    i had no idea this was from the Classic, which was probably my first korean movie. it had a great soundtrack as well. i love the singing here, and the sounds (I don’t understand korean) remind me of a pounding heart.
    the music and sound effects throughout the show really complement the scenes.

  5. Enz

    Thanks for translating the song lyrics. It adds another dimension to the show for those of us who don’t know the language. The show is the best this year for me so far.

  6. iim

    hi bella! thanks for translating the song…well thanks god, knowing that not only me who being so obsessed with this drama…honestly I do the same think like bbm…tried and tried again to download ep 13&14 but without any result so I go to youtobe and watch a part of episode 13 and a part ep 14…why it’s so difficult to get this drama? where the place that I can easyly to download?

    1. bella012

      I occasionally download from torrents but I’ve been watching it on todu (the Chinese streaming site in a pinch), I have also been watching it from youtube whenever I travel for business which is frequent so I am quite upset that whomever is scouring the net has been taking down all streaming sites.

      Check out the blog directory (under “Resources”), I believe we have a list of sites for resources.

      I’m also working on a comprehensive post that will be posted later on the week for some additional information that people are generally seeking for this drama.

  7. Noiha

    OMG I’m so obsessed with this song! ;_; Thank you so much for translating it~! I have to rewatch those scenes again so I can relate more with it. THANKK YOUUUUUUU~~~~~!!!!!!

  8. tarianant

    Thanks for the post. Lovely song. Btw I don’t know where to say this, but I read your convo on twitter with couchkimchi, about “Ni daegari gwe ahn na” Thanks for that.

    So the convo between SW and YJ should be translated as:

    YJ: Are you okay?
    SW: *press YJ’s nose* Ask me in Satoori dialect .
    YJ: Is your head okay?

    *whimpers* So much funnier…ohhh..
    Is there a chip out there that can be inserted into my brain and voila “I know Korean”

  9. raky

    i luv that movie “the classic” as well…great love story and one of the kmovies that I’ll remember forever..and hopefully “answer me 1997″ would be as classic..THE ONE that we drama watchers would remember as long as we are able to watch dramas and the like..thank u for this blast to the past memoir.

  10. MsScorpion

    Thank you soooooo much for posting this, and for being obsessed with this drama as we all are.

    Thanks to Answer me 1997 you are back and posting more often.

    So there’s something making me go crazy now, while watching the MV I noticed that the vocalist was Ji Hyun Woo, and I kept repeating it and every time I listen to it I notice it’s his voice and even his way of pronouncing the words are the same, so I searched the net upside down for any hint that he was a member of “Deli Spice” but found none.

    So can you please help me to sanity again. I love that man to bits since QIHM and it’s making me go crazy that I can’t find any confirmation on this.
    I’m starting to doubt my fangirl senses Lol.

  11. ayu

    YEP OMG This just tugged at my heartsrings. It’s like you cant listen to this without welling your eyes up

  12. luisa

    Hi I super love reply 1997. Is it okay if I ak for the engish translation of the song “to you whom I love” by sechskies? I super love it when I heard it in reply 1997 and I’ve been looking everywhere for the translation but couldn’t find any… hope you’ll help :) thanks and happy new year!

  13. MBMD

    AH I love this song! Yeah ur right. first heard it in “The Classic” which every note just hits me. That movie became memorable, not only by the story itself, but by this song as well. My favorite scene is that art gallery walk. It sounded like “The Oasis” with a Korean flare. I was just glad that i got to hear it from Reply 1997. Now I wanna watch the Classics again..

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