Jung Kyung Ho returns from military service

*Giggles* I’ve been living and breathing Answer Me 1997 lately (obsessed much?), that I didn’t learn until now that my past love was discharged from military service today. Actor Jung Kyung Ho was discharged on September 4 after completing his 21 months of service, and his return to civilian life was welcomed by his fans and reporters despite the rain.

Jung Kyung Ho appeared in dramas such as I’m Sorry, I Love You, Time Between Dog and Wolf, and Ja Myung Go. But it was for his role as the nerdy and sensitive Kang Hyun Soo in Smile, You¬†that he totally stole my (and apparently a million other girls’) heart. He and Lee Min Jung (Big) had sizzling chemistry together, and if it wasn’t for Lee’s recent dating confirmation with actor Lee Byung Hun (Iris), I would have been still half-convinced that Jung was dating his Smile, You co-star.

Jung doesn’t have a comeback project lined up yet, although according to his agency, he is choosing between several drama and movie offers. Though I describe him as my “past love” because my heart is elsewhere at this moment, I trust that he’ll pick another great work to once again win my love!

As for who stole his heart during his military service, Jung Kyung Ho spoke like a true soldier: “Every girl group gave me strength. But in particular, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was the greatest energizer of my life.” (Note: I considered translating the sentence as “the greatest pick-me-upper,” but on second thought, it seemed inappropriate? Blue, get your mind out of the gutter!)

On this day, Jung Kyung Ho was escorted out by fellow enlisted stars, singer Min Kyung Hoon and actor Kim Hye Sung (Boy Meets Boy). He also expressed disappointment that his close friend and college sunbae, Ha Jung Woo, failed to keep his promise to come meet him at his discharge.

Welcome back, Jung Kyung Ho!

Via Newsen, OBS News




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  1. joonni

    ha! really, blue, get your mind out of the gutter while I go laugh my head off at that comment.

    He really was the most adorable thing in the “Smile, You.” That couple bred rainbows and puppies in my heart.

  2. Hana

    Thanks for the article, yippy my playboy has been released, I cant wait to see him in the next project and movies. He is one of the most sincere actors I have ever seen. He was so naturally in Smile you that I didnt think he was acting in lot of moments.

  3. Eun

    Yipee! Thanks for this post blue or I’ll never know that he is released from the army. (busy days kept me from browsing the e-news). Omo! My second greatest love.. hehehhe

  4. bella012

    Awww, our little dongseng has arrived- I can’t believe you are still into him and still held onto that ship, no less!

  5. missjb

    I miss him! I hope he will return for a new drama soon!
    But it seems he lost alot of weight! he looks thin >.<

  6. birdscout

    Look! They’re all holding hands in the bottom two pics. Awwwww!

  7. non_quad

    Kim Hye Sung….

  8. Nidnoi

    Lovely pic! but he is so skinny. Jung Kyung Ho is a nice guy. I like his lovely smile. He has a good acting and eye expression so well. I hope to see him in a good drama soon.

  9. cherryx

    ohmy, it’s been two years already! welcome back! ;)) i really love him in Smile, You too :’)))) he and lee min jung had so much chemistry! i hope they star together in a drama once more XD.

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