Beautiful Lyrics series: Jo Sung Mo’s “To Heaven”

Ahhh, the late 90s and early 2000s! Such a cliche, but so very true- time truly does fly.

Everything was on a grand scale back in the day and that goes for the MVs (music videos, more like mini films) that featured the movie stars of today. Can you ever get sick of the lovelorn Romeo and Juliet stories, suicides, and illnesses galore?

Since I am on my Answer Me 1997 high, this song brings back so many fond memories of singing my heart out at karaoke and swooning over an eternal flaming love that I wish I can experience and have.

It’s only appropriate that this song is played over the speakers at school since it accurately reflects Yoon Je’s mood as he attempts to push Shi Won away.

A little backgrond to the song. Jo Sung Mo is famous for his ballads (in fact I have to find my CDs and swoon all over again along with watching my stolen VHS videos of his appearances in shows- yes stolen before internet took over and everything was so readily available), and this was his first debut song and video when he arrived on the K-pop music scene. I will also be brutally frank and state that I’ve always thought he looked like a little girl and did nothing for me in terms of the looks’ department. But the voice, oh man, the voice! The faceless singer suits me just fine!

The song is particularly moving since he was known to cry whenever he would perform this song during his award shows or Music Banks (do they even have those anymore?). Later, it was revealed that this song would remind him of his deceased autistic, older brother who passed away in a hit and run accident prior to his launch. He is referenced as the “faceless singer” by Sung Jae because he didn’t publicize himself when the song and video first came out onto the scene per formality.


Song: “To Heaven” by Jo Sung Mo
Lyricist: Lee Kyung Sub
Composed by:  Lee Seung Ho
Translated Lyrics: Bella012


Is everything well, how are you doing?

You’re not crying because I am not there, are you?

Why is it that you haven’t been showing up lately, you who is always talking to me in my dreams?

Could it be that something has happened?

Or did you go so far away that you’re unable to come to me?

Because it seems  like I’m doing well without you,

You’re teasing me because you got into a hissy fit, right?

Hiding behind the clouds whenever it rains,

You’re not crying, right?

I am worried sick about you, please don’t do this to me

You know just as well that I’m unable to forget you easily just because I can’t  see you.


If you think it’s hard because you are not here

if you left your place beside me thinking that I may meet with another love

There is nothing but despair that fills this space next to me.

Don’t be sorry to me, though you are now far away,

I am filled with the vision of you from long ago

It won’t be long now, until we are in a place where there is no separation

Until the day we meet again, please just wait for me for a little while.



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  1. joonni

    I bursted out laughing when I read “stolen.” From the video rental store? Bwahahahahaha! Did you just never return them?

    I never found the man appealing either but goodness, I loved his ballads. I even loved his dance songs, “Regret” and “Wound.” I used to sing those songs at karaoke.

    I think my most listened to CD from him is his “Classic” remake album. He made me weep with his renditions. May I suggest 가시나무 for your next song in this series?

    Everyone died or was ill in some way in the ballad music videos of that era. They used to move me so much back back then. I was definitely less cynical. Makes me miss those days when I actually had feelings. ;)

    Also, welcome back Bella! Missed you! Hope you are doing well.

    1. bella012

      Hola hola chickie, how are you doing? I saw your recap and it was wonderful!!!

      I’m not sure how it was done at your video store but my video ajummah literally highlighted the items returned with a black marker on items she handwrote on my order sheets. You can say that I had a chance to conveniently swipe it and feign ignorance. I did pay a boatload to keep certain items that you can’t find like concerts, dramas like ChoDeh and JinShil along with some movies- not my proudest moment!

      OMG- I LOOOVVEEEEE 가시나무 and I will certainly do one, thank you for the suggestion- I still think that this song is probably up there in terms of epicness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KxFcMcDYmM!

      Not too sure if you remember, but there was a MV collectable item with all the best ballads of the day and I still thought that Jo Sung Mo’s were the best ones.

      1. joonni

        I think I ended up keeping the Damo videotapes. Rented them during the summer and carried them to college. Never got a chance to return them. I’d like to think it was because my family moved away from my hometown. ;)

        I never got a chance to buy those MV compilations. Just the ballad song compilations. Do you remember those? The ones with the hottest actors gracing the cover?

        1. bella012

          Only a fellow swiper would understand!

  2. just_ahug

    thank you so much for the beautiful song!! :)
    such a great way to start a new day :X
    i also love to think of the song as conveying siwon’s confused and hurt feelings when yoonjae suddenly acted coldly towards her.
    it’s really a beautiful song…

    1. bella012

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, if you have additional requests, let me know!

  3. Noiha

    Wuaaaaah I love this series! *-* I lol-ed when in this episode they’re betting over Jo Sung Mo’s face and song.
    Anyway, do you know the song played when Yoonjae dropped Siwon in front of her house after being chased by the stalker (Episode 11)? I really like the song ><

    1. blue

      It’s Deli Spice’s “Confession.”

      1. Noiha

        Thanks! ^^

  4. Kandice

    Thanks for the lyrics!

    So many good songs in the series! It’s too bad I don’t understand Korean and can’t look up the songs played in AM1997. I know TVN has it on the website but it doesn’t seem complete… grr….

    I wish someone could be kind enough to post the list of the songs played – even in Korean :-(

  5. Kitkat

    Tearing up just reading the translation! T_T

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