Previews for Episodes 11 & 12 of “Answer Me 1997″

Confession is in the air! And honestly, I never realized until now how sexy the word “gashina” (가시나) can sound. A vernacular slang term for “girl” used mostly in the Gyeongsangdo region, there really is not an English equivalent. Perhaps the closest term is “bitch,” but the Korean term “gashina” is neither a profanity nor carry the offensiveness of the closest English equivalent. I think estel best described it when she said, “It does seem to occupy a nebulous in-between place.”


Episode 11: Defining the Relationship

In December 1998, upon hearing the news that crimes targeting women are on the rise, Taewoong worries about Siwon who works late into the night at a convenience store. Seeing this, Yoonje tries his best to hide his feelings for Siwon and appear indifferent.

Meanwhile, when Hakchan and Yoojung meet Yoojung’s friends, their relationship is put to the greatest test…


Episode 12: Significance of a Hand

Feeling guilty about always being on the receiving end, Siwon prepares a small gift for Taewoong, which Yoonje witnesses.

For Siwon’s birthday, Taewoong prepares a gift that holds a special meaning as lovers, whereas Yoonje finally confesses to Siwon his long-held feelings…


Video preview of episodes 11 & 12:

(BGM: Jo Sung Mo’s “To Heaven”)


Taewoong: It has a special meaning for lovers.

Taewoong (At least I think it sounds like his voice…): I want you.

Yoonje: I like you. What should I do? What do you want me to do? I’m asking you, what do you want me to do, Gashina-ya*?! [*Note: See above.]

Siwon: I have something to say, Oppa.


Credit: tvN



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  1. estel

    ~EPICFLAIL~ Omomomomomomo WHY IS IT NOT TUESDAY?!? Ack! I’ve been rewatching some early eps today and it just makes me love this drama more. I need moar moar MOAR! Thanks for posting this, unni, and feeing my rabid addiction. ^_^

    1. blue

      You and me both! My thoughts have been completely CONSUMED by this drama lately. I’m just glad I have others to share my addiction!

  2. 1997er

    Unni, would you mind sharing some of your reasoning as to why you feel for certain that YJ will end up with SW, over TW? I need something to calm my worries that it might be TW instead (:

    1. bella012

      There is a comprehensive list coming that compiles our thoughts on this one.

      And I entirely agree with Blue, sexy indeed!!!

  3. lizzie

    Don’t think his confession was sexy.

    why? Because he confessed to his brother’s girlfriend. Boy, you want to steal your brother’s girlfriend? Not nice.
    And plus why so angry? You was the one who didn’t confess before and had many chances to do it.

    Not nice YJ, but looking his face after it it seems he feels bad about it.

    1. kerstin

      ooooh I love the preview. I want Shi won to know how Yoon Jae feels. I don’t think he said it to steal her away but because he truly doesn’t know how to behave around her. I do feel that he is devastated with this situation and he has to figure out how to deal with this whole thing.
      I mean he wanted to confess but didn’t because he felt guilt towards his older brother who took care of him instead of going to higher places. Tae Woong was and is apparently a genius and Yoon Jae knows that too. Tae Woong always has put Yoon Jae first and that’s why Joon Jae wants that his brother finds happiness even if its to his own disadvantage. That’s why he’s trying to distance himself from Shi Won, that’s why he’s so harsh towards her, of course he is also frustrated but hey who wouldn’t be in that situation – in that mess.
      I want it to be tuesday!!! Can’t wait for the next episodes….

      Ah and a quick question to Bella and Blue:
      Are you going to put up recaps for Ep 10 and 8????

      1. blue

        Yes, definitely for episode 10. It’s coming up! Not sure about episode 8, especially with eps 11 & 12 airing tomorrow. I might go back to work on it later if I have time…

  4. Shin hee chan

    OMO”””…I can’t wait, this drama made me crazy. Please tell me, shiwon will end with yoon jae. *btw onni thanks for your shared ^

  5. ebru çelik

    please help me I cant find that song. when yoon jae saved shi won.song was playing. I cant find it. Is there someone who knows this song?

  6. lana

    when yoon jae drops her off at her house after saving her what song is playing????! please tell !

    1. blue

      It’s Deli Spice’s Confession.”

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