Answer Me 1997: Spoiler Alerts for Upcoming Episodes (Update #9)

To kick things off with my new obsession and my first post in a very long time, here are some spoiler goodies for those that are hooked on this absolute gem of a drama. What it lacks in originality more than makes up for it in sincerity and a walk down memory lane…





Are you sure????


For all the spoiler whores out there who just devour any and all clues to what is going to happen next, this is for you. Any additional information I do find, I will update this post accordingly.



Some upcoming scenes/tidbits for the remaining episodes:



1. Comedian Jo Hye Ryun is making a cameo appearance. (Her cameo scene has ended up in the cutting room floor because according to Director Shin, there was just too much to cover in the final two episodes. Source)

2. It appears that our Joon Hee is a doctor and the picture below is a scene from his intern days. (Episode 13)

3. The PD and staff members are rather tight-lipped about what is going to happen next. There is enough speculation but not enough information to confirm or deny the discussion. Instead, the fun guessing game it has become to figure out who is Shi Won’s husband. From various interviews with the PD, the characterization is that it is a banjun-type drama (which it is), the clues are rather obvious (if they say so!), and the key would be to focus on the actions/reactions of Shi Won that could lead to the jackpot.

4. The best spoiler but there is no confirmation of it is that there is an upcoming kiss scene that was filmed but it is not specified as to who the actual couple could be (remember we have 3 potential couples to date: Shi Won-Yoon Je, Shi Won-Tae Woong, or Yoo Jung-Hak Chan). (Episode 14- Yoon Je and Shi Won) (NOTE- this may have already occurred from the recent episode of Tae Woong-Shi Won for the forehead kiss or Hak Chan-Yoo Jung in the episode 13/14 spoiler) 

5. There is talk of a scene where both Yoon Je and Shi Won went to visit the grave of Yoon Je and Tae Woong’s parents (the picture of them in all black). (Episode 13- Yoo Jung’s father)



Some fabulous upcoming scenes are on its way:

6. In front of a bar in Gangnam (a ritzy neighborhood in Seoul), there is a scene of Yoon Je and Shi Won hugging. Hak Chan is also present but it is uncertain as to what his role is during the scene. (Elaboration- for further context, Shi Won gives a tie to Yoon Je and states, “I want you” (very respectfully). Please see pic below. Yoon Je’s hands are behind him and it looks like Shi Won is putting the tie on him.)   (Episode 15- ughhh this one I am upset about!) –> Apparently this scene will be aired on the final episode (veracity pending, it better  be true!). The picture below was from episode 15 and there are no pictures yet for the tie scene.

7. There is a KISSSSSSS scene between Yoon Je and Shi Won on the “truth chair” at Joon Hee’s hospital (much much love and can we say AWWWWWWW! I’m not expecting a full make out session but a decent kiss where people don’t look constipated with that ring around the posey camera action swirling around and around PLEASE!!!) (Episode 14- no need for an explanation here!)

8. There is a scene of just Yoon Je and Shi Won eating at a restaurant. (Episode 14- when Shi Won has a cold)

9. There is a scene of Yoon Je and Shi Won coming to see Joon Hee at his hospital (in the all black funeral attire picture below). Joon Hee apologizes and says that there is a place that only the two of them can go to alone (to where is unknown). (Episode 13)

10. Joon Hee is indeed running around the hospital like a headless chicken and quite the busy bee. (Episode 13)

11. The last filming was at dawn in a cafe.

12. In front of a government building in Seoul, there is a scene (although no pic) of Yoon Je loudly reprimanding Shi Won, “Are you going to keep drinking and not get home?!?” Shi Won mumbles that she is comfortable at the dorm (at the broadcasting company she works at). –> It’s unclear if Shi Won is drunk or not but this scene was noted to be an occurence during their marriage. (Veracity pending)

It appears we have some scenes of them reverting back to their days of bickering while happily dating along!

13. There is a scene of Yoon Je in his judge’s robe and Shi Won in her work clothes talking or more like bickering. According to some of the people who witnessed filming, it’s very cute. 

14. The baby’s father (also Shi Won’s husband) will be revealed at the OBGYN office. (Veracity pending)

15. There is a labor scene with both Tae Woong and Yoon Je present. (Thank you Sparkskey!)

16. There apparently is a picture of a Shi Won with a little girl that is presumably her daughter (~6 years old). (Apparently shown in the “thanks” video from the staff.)

17. Due to the oopsie baby, there was a shotgun wedding. (I owe you a luxurious shopping trip Bluesy IF this is true!)


Ending Spoiler (Disclaimer- Bella is not responsible for anxiety attacks, therapy, or any/all damages incurred after watching this scene if indeed true- Bluesy noted that it couldn’t be since there is an open contest at the site for who the husband is and the deadline for the contest is this week!):

1. The guessing game continues and with 2 episodes left. It looks like we may still be doing this guessing game until the last couple minutes of episode 16.

The ending consists of the following: a wedding, a revelation of the groom, and it’s open-ended.

The scene is of Papa and Mama Sung looking on and crying tears of happiness as it is our heroine’s wedding day. Papa Sung walks Shi Won down the aisle and it is at this moment that the groom’s face is revealed while Papa Sung turns away.

Fade to black and we hear Shi Won’s narration for an open ending to the drama along with each of the characters’ narrations.

Please note that the veracity of the ending is pending…


2. It looks like filming is finished for the drama. People who have seen the final script have been noted to be crying and it looks like that the drama has ended very well and the ending is to everyone’s satisfaction. (I may or may not be owing Blue some drinks and a shopping expedition!)


3. Per the comments from Seo In Guk (Yoon Je), the revelation of Shi Won’s husband will be revealed in the final episode.




See below for some spoiler pics…






(Notice how she is sitting on his blazer on the picture on the right)

On the left, this picture corresponds to spoiler 5 and the background is a hospital setting from certain reports.




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  1. blue

    First, welcome back, Bella! And yet, we meet again as drama 빠순이s~~

    Second, need more spoilers! Now!!!

    Third, and of course YJ-SW for the win! It’s obvious, really!

    P.S. Hmm, I like the color of YJ’s dress shirt~~

    1. estel

      I just like YJ in a suit. Mmmmmm. ^_^

      It’s totally going to be YJ-SW. There’s no way they could pull off a TW-SW ending — even while TW-SW were “dating” TW was clearly the one more invested in the relationship. SW’s body language and actions all scream “I love you like a brother”, and she has much stronger ties to YJ. That’s hardly the only reason I think the endgame is YJ-SW, but if I went into all the details this would get too long. ^_^

  2. NN

    Thanks for all your post about this drama. I love it to bits!

  3. kerstin

    yeah thanks for all the posts about this drama. I am so in love with it, can’t wait for Tuesday to come!!!

  4. trixicopper

    I think it’s rather obvious that the end game is SW/YJ.

    If I’m wrong, I plan to close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears, and start singing… la la la I can’t hear you! :)

  5. gella

    Whew! I abandoned my no-spoilers rule for this and anxiously scrolled down despite the multiple warning (which are so funny btw). Thank God, your post isn’t too spoilery. So who’s the baby’s daddy? I’m crossing my fingers it’s YoonJae. Puleeeease!!

  6. Kelinci Biru

    Welcome back Bella!!
    wow.. I’m really rooting for Shi Won – Yoon JAe couple. I love their chemistry and i understand all of frustating teenager angst!!

  7. YChase007

    I totally agree that its YoonJae & Shiwon – @trixicopper, I will join you on the La La La lol. Seriously its the obvious choice, yes they have us on the whodunnit because it is a really well executed drama and since most people can relate immediately to it – we are jumping, screaming, laughing, & crying along with the rest of them =). After today there is two more hours to go – I think that there will be some true developments in Shi-wons feeling after the preview and my guess is that she is going to realize the impact that her presence is not only with the two brothers but in accepting a relationship when she truly wasn’t ready – mentally, physically and emotionally.

  8. blue

    I doubt it about the guessing game continuing until the end. The drama’s “Guess the husband” contest ends Sept 3rd, the day before episodes 13 & 14 air. And the winner for the contest will be announced on Sept 7 of that same week. I’m predicting we’ll know the answer to SW’s husband next week. And of course, there will only be one correct answer – YJ!

    1. bella012

      You owe me several drinks and a shopping expedition if you are proven wrong!

  9. Sabah

    Of course, I don’t know the future but I have pretty much accepted that the Shiwon’s husband will be Yoon Jae based on TvN’s track record for happy endings wherein the OTP always end up together no matter what.

    The ‘mystery’ never bothered me because for me it was never about the ‘who’ but the ‘why?’ As the PD states, “and the key would be to focus on the actions/reactions of Shi Won that could lead to the jackpot.” This is true for all dramas but especially this one because the ‘journey’ isn’t an outward traversing of external obstacles but more about an inner struggle, specifically as Yoon Jae pointed out at the end of episode two about what happens when a boy becomes a man and a girl remains a girl. Shiwon’s response to Yoon’s confession again confirmed to him, and to us that she was in a different place to him and I am looking forward to see how she has changed. THAT is the important note for me not that finale of seeing Yoon as the groom.

    Of course, I may be blind-sided when it turns out to be Tae Woong but as I said, I really am not expecting that, like most people here.

    Thank you for an interesting post.

    1. YChase007

      Exactly… Thanks for the statement it is completely aligned with my beliefs… Your a Genius =)

      1. Sabah

        I am actually known for my stupidity but as they say even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. Hehe.

    2. bella012

      You are so much better than me, this is why I have been going crazy looking for spoilers and confirmations. Part of me believes it’s Yoon Jae (and I have been known to be quite delusional at times) and the other half just nags, nags, nags and my doubt creeps right back in!

      1. Sabah

        I don’t if I am ‘better than you,’ because if it turns out to NOT to be Yoon Jae then I will first have to deal with reeling from the shock and then when that goes, the influx of hurt emotions and disappointment until I finally reach acceptance. Hehe.

        Seriously though, if you look at TvN’s track record they ALWAYS get their OTP couple together, sometimes to my chagrin. If there was ever a time I would say it’s all right to put all your eggs in one basket it would be now, AND the new spoilers just confirm it even further for me WHICH btw, I am ever grateful for. Thank you!

  10. blue

    Re: the new spoilers

    Now we’re talking! And it better happen that way. And yes, you will owe me drinks and a shopping expedition come next week!

    1. Eun

      Congratulations blue. update us on what will happen on your shopping expedition since you won.. keke..

  11. just_ahug

    gosh… i couldn’t control myself and read the spoilers here. the ending has to be perfect!!!
    i squeaze so hardddd :D:D:D:D

  12. Kandice

    I couldn’t control myself!! OMG haha! I am looking forward to JH in scrubs and being a brilliant ?Surgeon :P afterall he was 2nd in class/school after our genius YJ. I wonder if YJ will really find out JH’s crush in the end and whether he will end up with somebody.

    I am quite certain/hopeful that SW will end up with YJ after the “oppa I have something to say” bit, however as posted above, I’m looking forward to the episodes where Siwon realizes her place and feelings etc. The PD and script writer is quite the big tease…

    This has got to be one (one of the most) well written and directed dramas of this year! Others being QIHM! also from TVN, if i’m not mistaken! They really are getting somewhere.

    Yay for Monday! One day closer!

  13. Kandice

    PS. why aren’t the doctors in our hospital quite as good looking?!

    I find it quite adorable that Hoya is in scrubs and 33 in 2012. Ha, even SIG looks almost the age.. but Hoya? TOO cute :P

  14. Kerstin

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah for the red spoiler and the thing with the tie!!!! Gosh I love it, I’m so obsessed with this drama, it’s not normal anymore…can’t wait for tuesday to come….

  15. nanayna

    i swear to god that i never feel this soo into a drama

  16. mizweng

    I just love this post!!! thank you Bella and Blue for these goodies…..am so happy now!!! :)

  17. myrahEeeeeeee

    This spoiler just confirmed what I knew or rather believed to be the ending of Answer Me 1997. But seeing it in written form and from a reliable source makes me spazz like crazy.. Gah! Can’t wait for episode 13 and I’m watching it raw.. I’ll rely on my instinct and 1% Hangukeo skills to understand the episode. Wooh. The things you do for your dramaddictions. :D Thanks Bella and Blue!

  18. Kandice

    Spoilers are OK.
    Live recaps – NONONO! and NO browsing about AM1997/Reply 1997 in the days waiting for the subs! UGHHH. I really should control myself!!!!!!

  19. margaret

    The photo for spoiler 7 just happened! I’m pretty sure that was SW hugging YJ when he asks for a kiss in episode 15.

    BUT there was no tie involved…

    1. bella012

      Just wait it out, it’s apparently in episode 16. Or you will see me blogging about the pettiness of the latest k-pop feuds or something to that extent **shudders

      1. margaret

        you just made me ridiculously happy. i really hope this scene happens!!

  20. lizzie

    Sooooo I read this recent interview that Seo In Guk said this:

    “So many people asked about the ending, but I can′t say anything about it. Even the director didn′t tell me what would happen in the end until I got the last script, so I can′t talk either.”

    “Still, there could be a twist so I hope all of you tune in for the episode. TvN never had any dramas pass 6 percent in viewership ratings, but I think Reply 1997 will do it.”

    And this makes me think………. since everyone thinks YJ and SW are end game, maybe the twist is that they aren’t.

    What if YJ ends with JH? LOL I know, but maybe losing JH YJ will realize he likes him more than friends LOL
    same for SW, she’ll realize maybe she likes TW……..

    maybe they’ll date (SW and YJ) but it won’t work out and they’ll break up….

    1. bella012

      I’m on tenterhooks here despite everything pointing to YJ as the end game. I was even thinking that the banjun part is that they divorce some 15 years down the line or something.

      1. blue

        Now Bella, you’re just being out of whack. If there is any banjun at all, it won’t be concerning the end game!

  21. cindy

    I just heard who she end with and………………..

    I’m disappointed.

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