Trailers galore (August 2012 edition) (Updated)

August will be the month of the London 2012 Olympics. And also the premiere of these new dramas….

(*This post will be constantly updated as new trailers get released.)

Five Fingers [Premiering August 4 on SBS]

Joo Ji Hoon: An unforgettable melody of fate.
Joo Ji Hoon: Five Fingers.

Haeundae Lovers [Premiering August 6 on KBS]

Faith [Premiering August 13 on SBS]

Caption: 1991 Eyes of Dawn
Caption: 1995 Sandglass
Caption: 2002 The Great Ambition
Caption: 2007 The Legend
Caption: And in August 2012…
Caption: Directed by Kim Jong Hak, written by Song Jina
Caption: Faith

Caption: 2012 Kim Jong Hak project
Caption: Lee Min Ho (Choi Young) – A Goryeo man with no desire for the world
Caption: Kim Hee Sun (Yoo Eun Soo) – A modern woman with great desire for the world
Caption: Love transcending time and space… meets history!

Arang and the Magistrate [Premiering August 15 on MBC]

Caption: Gyeongsang-do Province Miryang
Caption: A legendary folktale is newly reborn.
Shin Min Ah: You bastard make a fool of me?
Caption: Bumbling maiden ghost, Arang.
Caption: Flower boy prickly magistrate, Eun-oh.
Caption: Josen era fantasy romance action drama
Caption: Lee Jun Ki
Caption: Shin Min Ah
Man: Arang!
Male voice: Who is that bastard?
Lee Jun Ki: Me? I’m the magistrate!
Caption: Arang and the Magistrate
Lee Jun Ki: It’s not that…

To the Beautiful You [Premiering August 15 on SBS]

Caption: Director Jeon Ki Sang of Boys Over Flowers
Caption: Screenwriter Lee Young Chul of High Kick
Sulli: Why do you want to quit?
Lee Hyun Woo: What’s wrong with me?
Sulli: Anyway, you can’t quit high jump!


  1. birdscout

    Thanks for these trailers, Blue…what a treat! I can’t believe I’m actually going to be IN Korea when these dramas premiere. I’ll have difficulty without subs, but both look pretty fantastic. My first trip back to Korea (in more than 40 years!) is going to coincide with Arang and Faith. You know you’re a Kdrama addict when you mark momentous occasions in your life with the airing of dramas. :)

  2. joonni

    Any one in particular you are looking forward to more?

  3. Iviih

    Hi blue and bella^^

    May queen first teaser is out !



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