Trailers galore (April 2012 edition)

With so many new weekday dramas having premiered last month, April looked like it would be a comparatively slower month for drama premieres. Or so I thought. But in fact, there is a handful of daily, weekend, and cable dramas premiering this month that might appeal to a different audience segment than for those dramas currently airing right now.

(*This post will be constantly updated as new trailers get released.)

The Marriage Plot [Premiering April 2 on tvN]

Lee Kyu Han: I love you.
Kang Hye Jung: Me too. I love you.
Caption: The Marriage Plot

Kang Hye Jung: Goodbye.
Caption: The Marriage Plot

Kang Hye Jung: Exuding a fatal charm. Femme fatale. A bitch.
Caption: Forever single, alpha girl- Kang Hye Jung
Lee Kyu Han: President!
Lee Kyu Han: Anyway, I can’t work under Yoo Gun-hee.
Caption: Pure, macho, chaebol man- Lee Kyu Han
Caption: Not love, relationship, or marriage…
Caption: Cohabitation?
Caption: Scheming mom
Cha Hwa Yun: Who knows? If I’m lucky, maybe I can find a son-in-law while renting out the room.
Caption: Eldest- Gold digger; Second- Alpha Girl; Third- Naive girl; Fourth- Offbeat
Caption: Four daughters’ thrilling romance
Lee Kyu Han: I’m suing you for defamation. See you in court, Miss Yoo Gun-hee.
Caption: The Marriage Plot

An Angel’s Choice (Premiering April 2 on MBC)

Go Na Eun: I, Kang Yu-ran, take thee, Park Sang-ho, to be my husband, to love and to cherish, for all eternity.
Choi Jung Yoon: Are you the one with whom our shopping bags got swapped?
Choi Jung Yoon: It’s impossible to communicate with you!
Jung Sung Woon: Do I look like I have all that leisure time to be fighting with you here like this?
Caption: Fated to meet
Choi Jung Yoon: Oh, this is so pretty! It’s perfect for Yu-ran.
Choi Jung Yoon: Take this and show [him/her] your sincere feeling.
Caption: Fated to break apart
Choi Jung Yoon: I wanted to have your child who takes after you.
Yoon Hee Seok: Yu-ran.
Caption: True love standing before deceitful love.
Choi Jung Yoon: What do you mean another woman?
Yoon Hee Seok: The heaven will know of your earnest wish.
Caption: An Angel’s Choice

Standby (Premiering April 9 on MBC)

Caption: Announcer, Ryu Jin Haeng
Voice: His name is Ryu Jin Haeng, and yet how can he be so bad at jin-haeing (MC-ing)?
Caption: Heodang Announcer, Ryu Jin Haeng
Caption: Easy-going variety PD, Kim Soo Hyun
Jung So Min: I’m sorry.
Caption: Pure, country bumpkin girl, Jung So Min
Caption: Sly, off-beat man, Ryu Ki Woo
Caption: Prickly, honor student, Im Si Wan
Im Si Wan: I’m Im Si Wan.
Park Joon Geum: Is broadcast a joke to you?
Kim Ye Won: Tada!
Simon D: Awesome, huh?
Kim Yeon Woo: Superman!
Caption: Succeed in both work and love.
Caption: Standby

Queen Inhyeon’s Man (Premiering April 18 on tvN)

Ji Hyun Woo: I was born in 1694.
Caption: Queen Inhyeon’s Man

Yoo In Na: They who met at the wrinkle in time. A love story unlike anything in this world.
Caption: Queen Inhyeon’s Man

Tasty Life (Premiering April 28 on SBS)



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  1. Iviih

    Hello Blue! I’m here.. lol thanks so much for posting and translating these teasers!

    Oh, teaser for Standby sitcom that’ll air next week:

    Can’t wait… xD

    1. blue

      I’ve been looking for the teaser for Standby and couldn’t find it. I knew I would be able to count on you! It’s now been added to the post! Thanks again, lviih!

      1. Iviih

        You are welcome :)

        Here: New teaser for Queen Inhyeon’s Man

  2. joyshine

    Thanks :)

  3. Jules

    Looking forward to this new line up of dramas….^_^

  4. Iviih

    oH, Stand By 2 minute preview:

    lol already loving Ryu’s character!

  5. kcomments

    Dear Blue, finally you’ve figured it out, I don’t have to type the name every time, yeah! Thanks for the trailers. Time travel thing *grumbles* I’m overwhelmed. OP, RP etc..

    Btw, which drama are you enjoying so far?

    Man, I really like this ABC thingy, so cool!

  6. Iviih

    Weee new teaser for Queen In-hyun’s man! ^^

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