Introducing Electric Ground’s blog directory…

If you’re a serial blog surfer like me, you may have experienced this. You found a blog that you really enjoyed and wanted to return to it at a later time, but then completely forgot about it because you forgot to bookmark the site. Unless you trace back your steps to figure out how you got there in the first place, you may never be able to locate that site again.

That’s when it came to me that what is missing in our K-drama/entertainment community is a directory of all the blogs and sites on this topic. There really are many bloggers, big and small, blogging about Korean dramas and Kpop. But as far as I know, there exists no comprehensive listing of all these sites. So, I decided to make one for us.

Under the Resources tab of the blog menu, you will find a Blog Directory sub-tab. This directory lists all the English-language blogs on Korean dramas, movies, music, and entertainment that I have found. Needless to say, the directory is still incomplete, but my goal is to turn this directory into a comprehensive one of all the regularly updated Korean entertainment news sites and blogs out there.

If your site is listed and you wish it to be removed, please let me know and I will remove it right away. If you own or know of a site that meets the requirements but is not currently listed in the directory, please let me know so I can add it.


  • English-language sites only.
  • Diverse opinions are welcome, but must be original content.
  • Do not submit sites dedicated to specific fandoms, artists, dramas, or actors.
  • Do not submit mirror sites.
  • Pan-Asian dramas or music sites are eligible, as long as they also cover Korean dramas, music, or entertainment.
  • I will remove sites from the directory if they have not been updated in over six months. They can be re-listed once they start getting updated regularly again.
  • I have the sole discretion to choose the sites that can be listed under the “Korean language and culture” category. (I want to make sure that the sites falling under that category are those that… umm, know what they’re talking about.)

Each of the blog has a short description of the site. I tried to use the blog owner’s own words for the description, and if none was found, I gave a general description based on what I thought the site was about based on casual browsing. If you’d like to submit your own site description, please post it in the comments section and I will replace the description with that of your own words.

We hope many people find this directory to be a useful resource!



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  1. Y

    Thank you for this :D

  2. Laica

    This is such a good idea! Thanks for the hard work. :)

  3. Eliza Bennet

    Thank you for your hard work. It is highly appreciated!

  4. mizweng

    omg!!! this is such an awesome idea…thank you for your hard work… i love it…

  5. joonni

    so awesome, I love lists like this. I have a bookmark folder for Korean culture stuff but it is unorganized.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. theleenbean

    this is a great idea. thank you!

  7. nonski

    yay! thanks blue for doing this… big help actually coz sometimes i have to go back and check blogrolls of various sites to be able to get to the blog i wanted to visit. this is a lot of work for you and i really appreciate the time and effort you put in to come up with this directory. this will come in handy for blog addicts like me.

  8. jra

    Thank you so much. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now especially about Korean culture, language and food but I have to go to A Koala’s Playground first then click your site in her blogroll, that’s how I’ve come accross this site by checking out her blogrolls.

  9. Lesley

    This is suuuuuch a great idea, but I would argue that you leave blogs that haven’t been updated as part of your listing, in case they have recaps/links to/subs of older or rarely-recapped dramas :)

  10. amarmirch

    My site would be considered “Pan-Asian Cinema” as I feature Korean, Japanese and Chinese movies and drama series. http://aparoo.com

  11. Mihansa

    As you probably know (but maybe not, since it isn’t on your list), there’s an extensive Kdrama blog and resource list on the Outside Seoul blog, which is how I found Electric Ground. Yours includes some useful categories Amanda doesn’t cover, however. For example, fan sub queries come up often on my blog (and everywhere else, I’m sure) – now I can refer them to your directory :)

    My Korean drama, language and culture site, Mihansa.net, has just turned one (or two in Korean age). Kdrama was my gateway to Korean culture, which in turn inspired me to study the language so I can learn about Korea from primary sources. It’s going to be awhile until I’m that fluent, however!

    I’d appreciate your feedback on mihansa.net’s culture page. I continue to expand it, as I learn more about things that commonly puzzle western Kdrama viewers, especially new viewers, or enhance understanding of dramas. If I got anything wrong, I’d like to know.

    Finally, only another blogger can appreciate how much work it is to create and maintain a directory like this. I happily abandoned my own list when I discovered it was already being done, and much more thoroughly.

    Thank you!

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