Fanvid of the Week #13: Chaeok’s Man

As a tribute to the upcoming finale of The Princess’s Man this week, I present to you a new drama parody video – Chaeok’s Man. Damo Chaeok is a servant girl to Grand Prince Suyang. In his plot to prevent Kim Jongseo’s son, Kim Seunggyu, from being designated the royal son-in-law, he has Chaeok to disguise as a gisaeng to lure Seungyu to fall in love with her… and then kill him. However, his plan goes awry when Chaeok falls in love with Seungyu and risks her all to save him…

Chaeok’s Man

Minister: I just don’t understand. What could have led Grand Prince Suyang to so quickly oblige to this royal son-in-law selection?
Chaeok: What if we do this…?
Grand Prince Suyang: I’m afraid that Kim Seungyu is courting a gisaeng.
Kim Seungyu: There is a woman who has entered my heart.
Kim Jongseo: Is this woman a gisaeng?
Kim Jongseo: I shall uncover his true intentions. I won’t let him hurt Seungyu again.
Grand Prince Suyang: Hasten!
Grand Prince Suyang: Kim Seungyu shall not return back alive.
Kim Seungyu: Who may that be?
Chaeok: Naeuri! Naeuri!
Kim Seungyu: For what do you hesitate? Slay me!
Chaeok: Shut your trap!
Chaeok: I love you, too…


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  1. Hipployta

    What an excellent mix…and how much of a Ha Ji Won fangirl must I be to be able to place what part of which series every scene came from LOL

  2. tita

    WOW,, it’s like a trailer. amazing trailer. the scene, the music are just perfect and mix very well. Daebak!

  3. Iviih

    OMG. So awesome!! ^^ Hehehe Love Damo and TPM!

    They would do a good couple xD

    This person’s editing skills is awesome… you can even believe it’s from the same drama if you don’t know about it. Thanks for translating ^^


  4. acinam17

    this is amazing! :D PSH and HJW would make a good couple :D

  5. joonni

    Hee! Always awesome to see Chaeok. I haven’t watched “The Princess’ Man” yet but hoping to get to it soon. Thanks for the vid!

  6. nonski

    thanks for sharing this <3

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