Fanvid of the week #12: Hunter Over Flowers

It’s not even the end of the week, but screw it! This is too good to pass up.

적혈야화, the one behind some well-known drama parody videos, including Sungkyunkwan Men and Secret Over Flowers, is back at it again. This time,  it’s Hunter Over Flowers, where Lee Min Ho’s Lee Yoon Sung and Lee Min Ho’s Gu Jun Pyo are long-lost twin brothers.

Hunter Over Flowers

YS: You should be living a happy life at Seoul, huh?
Mom (from MISA): Where did you hide my baby? Where is he?
Mom (from BOF): I introduce to you the man of the night. Shinhwa Group’s future. Everyone, introducing my son, Gu Jun Pyo.
Mom (from MISA): Where did you hide my baby?
The chauffeur (from MISA): He’s dead.
Mom (from MISA): Lies! That can’t be true!
YS: Is my mom alive?
YS: I want to rip apart those who trampled over my life like this.
JP: Hello?
YS: Have you ever gone hungry?
YS: I’m going to take them down.
YS: I’ll give my everything… I won’t let them be.
YS: Do you think you can be happier than me, who has been abandoned by my mom?
YS: After destroying my life like this… I did not want to live like this!
JP: No!
Reporter: Heir to Shinhwa Group, Director Gu Jun Pyo, has become a victim of an assault.
YS: I won’t forgive you even after I die.
JP: Who are you?
YS: What do you mean?
JP: I’m asking who the heck are you?
YS: Revenge. That’s my destiny.


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  1. estel

    Whew! That was pretty darn epic! ~runs off to watch it again~

  2. supah

    Ohh! These collaborations are always fun.
    Though my fave is ‘Will it Snow for Cinderella’ (CU and WISFC mashup) — there’s a sequel to that one too. Haha!
    These naver bloggers are pretty creative.

  3. D

    wow!!! if this is a real movie, i will be lining up for tickets now. drama gods, check this out. what can be more perfect than having one lee min ho on the screen …. well how about two lee min ho

  4. Kristal

    OMFG this is EPIC! I love how the mom from MISA is the connection here too as MISA is my number one love.

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