Fanfic: “The Daily Life of Nareki” (Scenes 1-4)


I accidentally came across this fanfic called “The Daily Life of Nareki” by user name 망상종자 (translates to “Delusional Bastard”) at Answer Me 1994‘s DC Gallery thread. Written in the style of a drama script, I ended up really enjoying the author’s writing. It was easy to see why the author had such a loyal following and why many readers even wondered if the fanfic wasn’t written by the scriptwriter of Answer Me 1994, Lee Woo Jung, herself.  In response to a special request by some Soompiers, I will be translating the fanfic in its entirety so that it can be enjoyed by a larger audience. Once again, this is not my own work, but that of 망상종자. I did put in my best effort so that my translations would do the original writing justice, but I accept any blame if I failed to do so.


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Interview with Go Ara


I first saw Go Ara in 2003 when she played the young Lee Ok-rim character in her debut drama, Sharp. I remember being impressed by the young actress’s feistiness, not to mention her pretty looks. But in all her ensuing works, she left me feeling underwhelmed. I had since dismissed her and had not given her much thought. I was not alone, as Go Ara’s career remained stagnant and many others viewed her as just another “pretty face” from SM (the company she’s under). It was not until last year’s hit drama, Answer Me 1994, that people started re-evaluating Go Ara as an actress… and a talented one at that!

The more I read up about her, the more impressed I get by how hard-working she is and how seriously she takes her craft. Since wrapping up Answer Me 1994, Go Ara gave out tons of interviews where she shared her thoughts on the drama, the character she played, and her career path. I’ve compiled these interviews into this one post. Hope you enjoy getting to know Go Ara, as I predict we’ll hear a lot from her in the future!

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Jung Woo at Choi Hwa Jung’s “Power Time” (Part 2)


Did you enjoy Part 1 of Jung Woo’s guest appearance on the New Year’s Day special of the radio program, Choi Hwa Jung’s “Power Time”? Here is Part 2!


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Jung Woo at Choi Hwa Jung’s “Power Time” (Part 1)

radio jw1

Jung Woo appeared as a guest on the New Year’s Day special of the radio program, Choi Hwa Jung’s “Power Time.” Here is a transcript of his appearance for Part 1 of the program. Enjoy getting to know the man behind the “Trash” syndrome!


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Interview with Director Shin Won Ho


After causing such a huge sensation with the Answer Me series two years in a row, I personally couldn’t wait to take a peek inside the mind of the man behind the success, Director Shin Won Ho. My prayer was answered when I checked online and found this interview with him conducted by 10asia. It is his most revealing interview to date, and definitely answered many of the questions I’ve had about the Answer Me franchise. Although Shin Won Ho has his shortcomings as a director, you just cannot deny the immense talent of this man!

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Cast’s “Thanks to” messages from “Answer Me 1994″ OST (Part 2)


The young cast of Answer Me 1994 has all participated and contributed a song to the Answer Me 1994 official soundtrack. With the release of the album, the cast members expressed their gratitude in the album’s “Thanks to” section. Here are the translations of the messages from Son Ho Jun, Baro, Dohee, and Kim Sung Kyun. (You can check out the translations of the messages from Jung Woo, Go Ara, and Yoo Yun Suk in Part 1.)


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